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What Is The Best Homeschool Math Curriculum For Struggling High School Students

When it comes to choosing a suitable homeschool math curriculum for struggling high school students, it can often be a difficult process. How do parents know which resources to choose when their child is having difficulty grasping key mathematical concepts? In this article, we’ll look at three of the best homeschool math curriculums for struggling high school students – Saxon Math, RealLife Math, and Khan Academy.

Each of these programs has its own benefits and drawbacks, and could be a great fit for your struggling high school student.

Saxon Math

Saxon Math has been used in homeschooling since its inception in the early 1980s. Saxon Math is known for its step-by-step approach to mathematical instruction, which is easy for struggling students to follow. The program is organized into 12 books and focuses on topics such as basic mathematical operations, decimals, fractions, algebra, and geometry.

Saxon Math is great for visual learners as the program includes colorful diagrams and charts that can be used to explain complex concepts to students. The major drawback of Saxon Math is the cost.

Each book cost upwards of $50 and must be purchased separately. In addition, the program does not include any assessment or testing materials, so parents will need to find other resources to gauge their child’s progress.

RealLife Math

RealLife Math is a comprehensive online math curriculum designed specifically for homeschooling families. The program focuses on real-world applications of mathematics and uses real-world examples to improve student’s understanding of mathematics. Each lesson contains detailed lessons with interactive quizzes and activities that can be used to measure student’s mastery of the material.

One of the greatest benefits of RealLife Math is its affordability – the program only costs $99 per month for access to all the lessons and activities.

The program also includes assessment and testing materials to help parents track their student’s progress. The major drawback of RealLife Math is the lack of personalization available with the program.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free online math program that provides over 2,000 lessons in mathematics from kindergarten through college level. Khan Academy uses adaptive learning technology to ensure that students are seeing the lessons that best fit their current understandings.

The program also utilizes video tutorials to explain complex concepts and includes self-paced quizzes and assessments to help parents monitor their student’s progress. The major drawback of Khan Academy is the lack of in-person support. Most tutors do not offer one-on-one support via the program and many students miss out on the peer-to-peer learning that can be found in traditional classrooms.


When it comes to choosing a homeschool math curriculum for struggling high school students, it is important to consider the student’s individual needs and learning style. Each of the above programs has its own benefits and drawbacks and may not be the best fit for every student. As parents, it is important to use the information provided in this article to make the best decision for their child’s education.

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