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How Do Homeschoolers Use Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an online platform offering a wide variety of educational and self-learning materials and tools. As a result, it has become popular among many homeschoolers as they can access free resources such as video lectures, practice questions, and downloadable material.

However, to use Khan Academy effectively, it helps to have a deeper understanding on how to best use the platform and many of its features. In this article, we will cover thirteen ways in which homeschoolers can use Khan Academy to its fullest potential.

1. Use the Khan Academy Academy Dashboard

The Khan Academy Dashboard, is a hub of information where homeschoolers can find an overview of their progress, get suggested practice and videos, and even track their attempts at practice questions. This is a great resource for homeschoolers, as it allows them to track their own personal learning journey, giving them a snapshot of how well they are doing in each course, and a summary of any tests or assessments that are coming up.

2. Utilise subject-specific content

Although Khan Academy offers a wide variety of subject-specific content, homeschoolers can access this content either through the main dashboard, or by looking for a specific field of interest. This means that homeschoolers can focus on honing their skills in a particular subject, like mathematics or science, or try new concepts such as coding and exploring the great outdoors.

3. Participate in discussions

Khan Academy discussions allow homeschoolers to post or answer questions and to communicate with other learners on the platform. This is a great opportunity for homeschoolers to get additional help with their learning or to help others.

4. Create personalised activities

Khan Academy allows homeschoolers to create their own activities, like quizzes or assessments, which can be used to reinforce concepts they’ve learned and test their skills. This way, homeschoolers can customise their learning experience and make it more effective for them.

5. Access resources from other learning platforms

Some homeschoolers may prefer to use Khan Academy in conjunction with other learning resources, such as YouTube, or free educational websites. Homeschoolers can easily access these resources through Khan Academy’s integrated search engine.

6. Get feedback with hints and hints system

Homeschoolers can take advantage of Khan Academy’s hints and hints system, a feature that provides them with tips to help them solve complex problems. This allows homeschoolers to learn more about the problem-solving process, and eventually gain more confidence in their own skills.

7. Understand the basics of coding

Coding has now become an essential skill in many fields, and Khan Academy provides coding tutorials for those who are interested in the activity. Homeschoolers will be able to gain an understanding of how coding works and how to move forward in coding-related courses.

8. Strengthen math skills

In addition to general mathematics tutorials, Khan Academy also provides homeschoolers with specialised resources to further hone their math skills. These include a variety of math quizzes, assessments, and practice problems which focus on specific topics or skill levels.

9. Get help with practice questions

Homeschoolers can get help with practice problems by accessing the assistance of Khan Academy mentors. These mentors offer assistance such as feedback and hints, and can help homeschoolers to understand and apply their learning.

10. Explore additional topics

Khan Academy is constantly expanding its library of resources, which means homeschoolers can access materials and tools from a wide variety of hobbies and interests. Many of these resources are available for free and can offer a more enriching educational experience to homeschoolers.

11. Participate in challenges and competitions

Khan Academy challenges and competitions provide homeschoolers with the opportunity to test their skills, win awards, and eventually earn badges. This can be a great way for homeschoolers to stay focused and motivated when learning and exploring new things.

12. Download educational content

Homeschoolers can access many Khan Academy resources offline, as the platform allows users to download videos, lectures, and other educational materials. This can be a great source of study material and reference for homeschoolers who prefer to study offline.

13. Use the progress tracker

Khan Academy’s progress tracker is another helpful tool that allows homeschoolers to view their progress over time. This can be a great way to monitor their learning and to see how they are doing relative to their peers.


To sum up, Khan Academy is a great resource for homeschoolers, as it provides them with a wide array of educational materials and tools that can be used to develop and hone their skills. The platform offers a variety of resources and tools for homeschoolers to take advantage of, such as Dashboard, specific subject materials, discussions, activities, coding tutorials, feedback and hints, and more. As a result, homeschoolers can use Khan Academy to its fullest potential to get the best out of their homeschooling experience.

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