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Why Are Asians So Good At Math


Asians have been stereotyped as being adept at mathematics and studies have revealed that a high proportion of students of Asian heritage tend to excel in math-related fields. This may lead to some asking if there is a reason why the majority of Asians are so good at math, if there truly is something about their culture and upbringing that has caused Asians to be better than the average person when it comes to mathematics. This article will attempt to answer this question by looking at the possible reasons why Asians may excel in the field of mathematics, such as a greater focus on education and a higher respect for educators, as well as the predispositions that may exist when it comes to practical problem-solving.

High Respect for Education and Educators

One of the main reasons why Asians excel in mathematics is due to their high respect for education and educators. In many Asian cultures, education is seen as a way of gaining social and economic stability and as such, there is a greater respect for teachers and professors than in other countries.

This respect and admiration for learning helps to create an environment in which children are more likely to excel in their studies, as they are more likely to be motivated to learn and to do their best. Additionally, educators are often seen as role models for children and as such, children are more likely to copy the behaviors and practices of those in positions of authority, leading them to further excel in academics.

Family Involvement

Family involvement is also key in helping Asians excel in mathematics. In many Asian cultures, a focus on education begins in the home, with parents actively encouraging and assisting their children in their studies.

Not only does this provide children with greater access to resources, it also instills a stronger dedication to education, as the child will know that not only the teachers and professors expect good grades, but also their parents and family. This positive reinforcement is instrumental in helping children stay focused and motivated, as they know that their efforts are valued and appreciated at home.

Encouraged Problem-Solving

Another reason that Asians are so good at mathematics is due to their focus on problem-solving. From a young age, Asians are taught to look at problems from different angles and to use logic and reasoning to try and solve them. This problem-solving approach helps to instill critical-thinking in children, as they are taught to look for the solution that works and gives them the best results.

Additionally, this approach helps to make mathematics and calculations more enjoyable, as it helps children become more interested in the subject and less likely to be intimidated by it.

High Emphasis on Discipline

Asians also place a high emphasis on discipline, which has been found to play an important role in helping people excel at math. Most Asian cultures focus on instilling a sense of self-discipline in children from a young age, as this is seen as a highly valued trait.

This, combined with the high importance placed on education, means that children are more likely to focus on their mathematics studies and to push themselves to do the best that they can. This, in turn, causes them to become more adept at math, leading to better grades and a greater aptitude for mathematics.

Differences in Matter Perception

Asians may also possess certain advantages when it comes to mathematics due to differences in how they perceive certain matters. Many theorists believe that Asians have a tendency to focus more on the logical and analytical aspects of math-related problems, while Westerners often focus more on the concrete and physical aspects. This focus on different aspects when tackling math problems can help Asians quickly spot the necessary principles and equations needed to solve the problem at hand, making it easier for them to excel in mathematics.

Prioritizing Math Life Application

Many Asians also prioritize the application of math in everyday life, which can help them to better understand the fundamentals of the subject. In some Asian cultures, mathematics is seen not only as a subject taught in a classroom, but also as a tool to be used in everyday life.

This application-based approach helps students to better understand the principles of mathematics, as they can understand the practical benefits of the concepts they are learning. This helps to increase the student’s affinity towards the subject, leading to higher performance and achievement in mathematics.

Role of Memory

Memory also plays an important role in helping Asians excel in mathematics. Many Asians have a tendency to remember formulas, equations and calculations easily, due to their focus on memorization from a young age. This, combined with the role of family involvement, means that students are more likely to remember mathematical formulas and equations, leading to higher levels of understanding and calculation accuracy.

Inborn Preferences to Problem-Solving Activities

Some theorists have claimed that Asians have an inborn preference to problem-solving activities, helping to explain why they excel in mathematics. According to this theory, Asians possess a greater mental ability to analyze problems and to spot patterns than their Western counterparts. This, in combination with the focus placed on problem-solving and the role of memory, leads to Asians being better at solving complex mathematical problems, leading to higher levels of calculation accuracy and understanding.

Importance of Mathematics in Asian Culture

Another factor that helps explain why Asians excel in mathematics is the importance placed on mathematics in Asian cultures. Mathematics is viewed as an essential skill in many Asian societies, with a high value placed on achievement and success. This focus on mathematical achievement makes mathematics appealing to students as it can be seen as a way to gain status, respect and success in their communities.

This motivation can be a strong driving factor to succeed in mathematics, leading to higher levels of academic performance.

Asian Culture Encourages Mathematics Learning for Fun

Contrary to popular belief, Asians are not only motivated to learn mathematics to gain status, but also for the simple joy of learning. Many Asian cultures encourage children to learn mathematics and logic puzzles for fun, as a way of developing problem-solving and analytical skills in children. This, in combination with the fun activities that can be derived from mathematics, helps to make mathematics less intimidating and more enjoyable to students, encouraging them to become more interested in the subject and to perform better in mathematics.


In conclusion, there are many factors that may explain why Asians excel in mathematics, such as a greater focus on education and a higher respect for educators, as well as the natural predispositions that may exist when it comes to problem-solving. Additionally, the importance placed on mathematics in Asian cultures, the role of memory, and the focus on problem-solving from a young age can all contribute to Asians’ success in mathematics.

Ultimately, these are all factors that help explain why Asians are so good at math, but it is important to note that everyone has the potential to excel in mathematics, regardless of their cultural background.

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