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Which Is Better Art Or Craft

Art and craft have been around for many centuries, and have been an integral part of every human society. Although they may look similar, they are quite distinct entities, each having its own unique characteristics.

This article will explore the merits of art and craft and attempt to answer the fundamental question – which is better?


Art and craft are our culture’s most ancient and timeless expressions. From primitive cave paintings to crafts with intricate patterns and designs, art and craft have been passed down the generations, and have slowly evolved to take the form they are today. Art can be defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically through visual forms such as painting and sculpture.

Craft involves the use of physical skills and knowledge required for manual tasks, for example woodwork.

Difference between Craft and Art

The most apparent difference between art and craft is the type of skill used in creating them. Art is based in creative expression and often utilises materials such as paint, clay, metal and so on to create a work of art.

Craft is generally more technical, with skills such as woodworking, pottery, and metalworking being used to make craft items. In addition, the materials used to create art works can be quite costly, while craft items can often be made with less expensive materials. Another differentiating factor is the audience or market that they cater to.

While art pieces are often seen as more ‘high-end’, craft pieces have a broader audience. Craft pieces can be seen as more practical and utilitarian in nature, and therefore have a wider range of potential uses.

Art pieces are mainly used as decorative items and are therefore less practical.

Advantages of Art

The main advantage of art is the broad range of expression that it allows. It is a form of creative expression, and offers a wide range of media that artists can use. This means that it is more likely to stimulate viewers and can create more engaging works.

Art can also be more engaging in nature, as art pieces often involve longer periods of contemplation when being enjoyed. Art also has higher aesthetic value.

Art pieces are often seen as having greater visual beauty, and can be seen as a form of investment. This means that the artist’s work can often be sold at a higher price and seen as more valuable. The art world is also more vibrant and varied, with a wide range of styles and trends, which can attract viewers and potential buyers.

Advantages of Craft

Craft involves a more practical skill-set, and as such has a greater range of potential uses and applications. Craft pieces often have higher functionality, being able to be used on a daily basis in the home. Craft is also often more accessible in terms of cost and materials, as some crafts can be made with household items or common materials.

This makes craft more accessible to more people and offers more opportunity for creative expression. Crafts also often have a greater value to the communities that produce them, being more likely to be used in traditional cultural activities.

These activities are often seen as a way to pass down important cultural values to younger generations, and craft can be an important element of these activities. Craft pieces can also be used as gifts, which often have a greater meaning or sentimental value, further highlighting the practical and social value that craft often has.


In conclusion, art and craft both have unique aspects and can be viewed as valid forms of creative expression. While they often appear quite similar, craft is often more practical and accessible, while art can be seen as more expressive and visually appealing.

Ultimately, the choice of which is better – art or craft – often comes down to personal preference, as both offer more than one may think.

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