What Do I Need To Homeschool My Child In Butte Mt

Homeschooling is on the rise in Montana, and Butte, MT is no different. With more and more parents turning to homeschooling as a viable alternative to traditional schools, families living in Butte, MT may be wondering what they need to homeschool their child.

In this article, we will explore what is needed in order to homeschool in Butte, MT, and provide an overview of the different regulations that you will need to familiarize yourself with.

What is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is the practice of educating children within their own home, rather than enrolling them in a traditional school setting. Home schools are supervised either by the parents, or by a third-party in some cases.

Home schooled children receive instruction in a variety of areas, from math and science, to social studies and literature, and more.

Is Homeschooling Legal in Butte, MT?

Yes, homeschooling is legal in Butte, MT. According to the Montana Department of Education, parents have the right to choose to homeschool their children, and have the option of enlisting a third-party to oversee the instruction.

What is the Process for Homeschooling in Butte, MT?

Families interested in homeschooling their child in Butte, MT must file a Notice of Intent to homeschool with the local school district. This document will list out the information needed in order to correctly register the child in the home school. Filing a Notice of Intent can be done online, or in person.

Once the Notice of Intent has been filed, parents must provide instruction in the seven core subjects: math, science, social studies, English/language arts, health and physical education, fine arts and foreign languages. Instruction must be structured in order for the child to make educational progress commensurate with their age and ability.

The total instructional hours must meet the State of Montana’s guidelines. Parents must also keep attendance and assessment records for each subject throughout the school year.

What is the Role of a Home School Supervisor?

A home school supervisor can be an integral part of a home schooling program in Butte, MT. A home school supervisor must have a valid teaching certification from an accredited institution, and must review and approve the lesson plans used for instruction. The home school supervisor must provide guidance and support to the student, and is responsible for ensuring their educational progress.

What Resources are Available for Homeschooling in Butte, MT?

There are a wide array of resources available to those homeschooling their child in Butte, MT. The Montana Parent Association (MPA) is an organization devoted to providing support, resources and advocacy to homeschoolers in Montana. Additionally, the Butte Public Library, Montana State Library and the Montana Office of Public Instruction all provide a wealth of materials and resources that can help families develop and implement effective homeschooling programs.

Are There Social Opportunities for Home Schooled Students in Butte, MT?

Yes, there are numerous social opportunities for home schooled students in Butte, MT. Many home school co-ops and support groups meet regularly in and around the city, and often offer field trips, community service projects and other activities that allow students to socialize with others outside of their home school environment.

Are There Tests that Home Schooled Students Need to Take in Butte, MT?

Yes, students who are homeschooled in Butte, MT are required to take annual assessments in certain subjects. State-required assessments must be provided by a recognized credentialed teacher or qualified personnel.

The tests assess the student’s level of academic progress in a variety of subjects.

What Requirements Must Homeschooled Students Meet in Order to Graduate?

Homeschooled students must meet the same graduation requirements as their peers at traditional schools in Butte, MT. This includes taking a minimum of 20 units of credit, with at least 4 of them being in English, math and social studies. Students must also meet the requirements for a graduate diploma, which may include certain core subjects and electives, as well as completing a certain number of service hours.

Do Home Schooled Students in Butte, MT Receive a High School Diploma?

Yes, a student who successfully completes the homeschool program in Butte, MT, will be awarded a high school diploma that is the same as their peers. The diploma certifies that the student has earned the requisite educational curriculum.

Are Home Schooled Students Eligible to Attend College?

Yes, home schooled students in Butte, MT are eligible to attend college. College application requirements are the same as for students graduating from traditional schools. To ensure admission, students should have a solid academic record and good test scores.

What Are the Legal Requirements for Homeschooling in Butte, MT?

In order to homeschool in Butte, MT, families must adhere to the state’s legal requirements for homeschooling. This includes filing the Notice of Intent with the local school district, providing instruction in the seven core subject areas, and maintaining attendance and assessment records.

Parents will also need to review and abide by the specific regulations outlined in the Montana State Board of Education policies and regulations.


Homeschooling is becoming increasingly popular in Butte, MT, as families seek an alternative to traditional schools. Before embarking on a homeschooling program, it is important to first understand the legal requirements and obtain the necessary resources. Following state guidelines, along with enlisting the help of a home school supervisor and utilizing community resources, can help families successfully homeschool their children in Butte, MT.

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