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What Are The Duties Of A Home School Teacher

Home schooling is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional education. While the responsibility to teach and educate stays mainly with the parents seeking to homeschool, they need help on many fronts, meaning they will likely look to partner with a qualified and experienced home school teacher.

This article will outline the duties of a home school teacher to help potential applicants or homeschooling parents understand what to expect and what is expected of them.

Duties of Home School Teacher

Designing a Learning Plan: One of the primary duties of a home school teacher is to create a learning plan tailored to meet the student’s needs. The goal of this plan is to divide the curriculum into manageable pieces that meets state laws and curriculum standards.

Some states require teachers to have a state-issued Home Education program that is approved.

Providing Assistance: Home school teachers provide guidance and assistance throughout the educational journey. This includes helping create lesson plans, suggesting resources, giving feedback and corrective measures when needed, and being a primary source of support for the student.

Evaluating Student Progress: Home school teachers are expected to evaluate the progress of their student. This will be done through various methods, like the use of rubrics, check-ins, work samples, and traditional methods of assessment.

These will show the teacher what the student has achieved and where they may need further help.

Being a Resource: Some home school teachers may also be used as a resource to the parents they are teaching. Home school teachers may be asked to provide information related to life skills, as well as any other topics related to the education of their student.

Academic Standards: Home school teachers should be familiar with state standards and laws related to home schooling. They should also understand what is needed to help the student meet academic standards. Enhancing the Learning Experience: Home school teachers should also be able to identify areas of the curriculum that may be overly challenging for the student. In these cases, the teacher can work with the student to find new avenues for enhancing the learning experience. This may include activities, projects, worksheets, videos, or other resources that can help make the material easier to understand. Home School Requirements: Home school teachers are expected to be familiar with the regulations and requirements of home schooling in their state. This may include knowing what documentation is required, how to apply for a Home Education Program, and how to keep records of the student’s progress. Developing and Framing Goals: Home school teachers should be able to thoughtfully develop and frame goals for the student. This includes setting a reasonable timeline for goals, creating plans for reaching these goals, and providing regular feedback on progress. Creating Lesson Plans: Home school teachers are responsible for creating lesson plans tailored to the student’s individual needs. These plans should be comprehensive and easy to understand, and should take into account the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Communication: Home school teachers must also be able to communicate effectively. This includes having the ability to work with parents and other household members, communicating with outside resources, and providing the student with timely and necessary feedback. 1 Utilizing Technology: Home school teachers are expected to use technology to make the learning experience easier and more enjoyable. This may include using software programs, web-based tools, and other tools that can help facilitate the learning experience. 1 Testing Protocol: Home school teachers should understand and be familiar with testing protocols or regulations. This may include what types of tests are administered and how they are administered. 1 Record Maintenance: Home school teachers should also be comfortable with record maintenance and filing procedures. This may include collecting records from outside sources, keeping track of the student’s progress, and preparing reports for the student’s parents.


Home schooling is a unique opportunity for students and parents to explore their educational options. For this to be successful, home school teachers play a pivotal role.

This article has outlined the various duties that are expected of a home school teacher, giving potential applicants a better understanding of what to expect. With the ability to provide support and guidance to the student, home school teachers can have a major impact on the learning experience.

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