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What Are 5 Typical Duties Of A Teacher

Teaching is a noble profession with great responsibilities. Teachers shape the minds of every generation, and help to develop the skills needed to succeed in the future.

A teacher has five duties they are responsible for performing and they are foundational to a successful teaching experience.

1: Creating a Learning Environment

Creating a positive learning environment is essential for students to fully develop and benefit from their education. This requires teachers to be organized, have expectations for students and practices in place that create a safe and equitable learning environment. Teachers should use engaging methods to foster an atmosphere where students feel comfortable and safe to discuss their thoughts and feelings.

Additionally, teachers should provide students with access to resources and materials to help guide their learning. This requires teachers to locate, organize, and distribute resources that are important for students to learn.

Once the learning environment is established, teachers can establish expectations based on their lesson plans and ensure the proper use of the materials available to students.

2: Curriculum Development

Teachers must create curriculum and lesson plans that are appropriate and applicable to the students they are teaching. This includes preparing materials, lectures, assignments, and activities that present curriculum to the students in a clear and comprehensive manner.

Teachers are also responsible for utilizing educational technology to introduce students to new information. When developing curriculum, teachers should ensure the lessons are paced appropriately and do not overwhelm students. Teachers should also be cognizant of any gaps in knowledge and supplement their curriculum with examples relevant to the students.

Finally, teachers should be inquisitive and be willing to solicit suggestions from students on the curriculum and adjust accordingly.

3: Assessment and Grading

It is essential for teachers to assess whether or not students are properly learning the material. This requires them to create tests, assignments, and other evaluation tools to measure student performance. Furthermore, teachers should be able to provide accurate and reliable grades for student performance.

Additionally, teachers are tasked with providing constructive feedback to students on their weaknesses and areas of improvement. This helps to foster a sense of self-reflection and allows students to reflect on their own learning pathways.

4: Professional Development

Teachers should be conscious of their own professional development in order to be effective educators. This includes staying up to date with current educational knowledge and technology, as well as participating in teacher trainings and seminars. It is also important for teachers to network with other educators in order to learn from each other and share best practices.

5: Facilitating Parent-Teacher Communication

Teachers must be able to communicate effectively with parents and guardians to ensure that students can develop properly. Parents should be provided with accurate information about their child’s performance, activities, and opportunities. Teachers should make sure that parents are aware of any changes in school policies or any issues the student is experiencing.

It is also essential for teachers to maintain a professional and courteous working relationship with parents.


As a teacher, there are a variety of duties that must be taken into consideration to ensure students are getting the most out of their education. It is essential for teachers to create a positive learning environment, develop appropriate curriculum, assess and grade student performance, foster professional development, and communicate effectively with parents and guardians.

By fulfilling these 5 duties, teachers are able to mentor their students and help them to successful meet their academic goals.

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