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Traditional Homeschool Curriculum Packages

Are you considering homeschooling your child using a traditional homeschool curriculum package? If so, you’re likely wondering more about the various education opportunities available for homeschooled kids.

Here we’ll take a look at the basics of traditional homeschool curriculum packages and answer important questions related to the topic.

What Is A Traditional Homeschool Curriculum Package?

A traditional homeschool curriculum package is a comprehensive program that includes all of the materials, resources, and accompanying materials needed to teach a particular course or grade level. It’s often supplied directly from the publisher itself and can provide a comprehensive, easy-to-follow educational plan for homeschoolers.

Traditional homeschool curriculum packages will usually include textbooks, literature, teacher’s guides, worksheets, and a variety of other resources.

What Subjects Are Usually Covered In a Traditional Homeschool Curriculum Package?

Most traditional homeschool curriculum packages cover the majority of core educational subjects. This includes math, reading, science, social studies, and writing.

Some packages may be customized to include additional subjects such as financial literacy, foreign language, computer skills, or physical education. Depending on the grade level and specific package, additional reading and literature selections may also be included.

Can I Choose A Different Curriculum Than The State Guidelines?

Yes, you can most definitely choose a different curriculum than the state guidelines for homeschooling. Generally, each state offers an outline for what should be included in the curriculum but homeowners can customize their program and alter the materials to suit the needs of their children. It’s important to research the specific curriculum options available as some states may limit your choices more than others.

Are Traditional Curriculum Packages Accredited?

Most traditional curriculum packages are not typically accredited programs and therefore cannot be used for credit towards a college education. However, some publishers may provide an accreditation option and include an additional fee. Many states also offer their own homeschooling accreditation which can be pursued independent of any particular curriculum package.

What If I Need Extra Help With A Traditional Curriculum Package?

If you find yourself needing extra help with a traditional curriculum package, a number of supplemental resources and materials may be available to you. Many publishers offer additional instructional materials, as well as tutor programs or video courses to supplement your program. Additionally, many bookstores, libraries, and educational institutions offer free resources and classes that can help you come up to speed on any desired subject quickly and efficiently.

How Long Does It Take To Complete a Traditional Curriculum Package?

The length of time it takes to complete a traditional curriculum package will vary based on a variety of factors. This includes the particular grade level, the curriculum being used, and the pace of the student. Generally, it’s advised to allow at least two years to complete a curriculum package.

Do Traditional Curriculum Packages Offer Tests or Evaluations?

Many traditional curriculum packages do include tests and evaluations, either at the end of the course or throughout the course. It’s important to review the materials prior to purchasing to make sure that evaluations are included as part of the package. Otherwise you may need to purchase additional assessment materials.

Are There Different Formats Available For Traditional Curriculum Packages?

Yes, traditional curriculum packages are available in a variety of formats. Many publishers offer digital downloads or hard copies of their materials, while others offer a wide variety of customized options. You can generally choose the format that best suits your individual needs and also save money by purchasing digital versions.

Is There A Difference Between Traditional and Non-traditional Homeschool Curriculum Packages?

Yes, there are significant differences between traditional and non-traditional homeschool curriculum packages. A traditional curriculum package is typically offered directly from the publisher and contains all materials needed to teach the subject in full.

Non-traditional curriculum packages are usually more varied and provide more flexibility with regard to material selection and customization. In most cases, non-traditional curriculums will also provide additional activities and resources to supplement the main course material.

Are Traditional Curriculum Packages More Affordable Than Other Options?

Typically, traditional curriculum packages are less expensive than other educational options. With a traditional curriculum package, you save by not paying for individual books and other materials. Additionally, many publishers offer discounts on specific item packages, so you can purchase everything you need at a discounted price.

What Are Some Alternatives To Traditional Curriculum Packages?

If traditional curriculum packages don’t fit your needs or budget, there are a number of alternatives that you can explore. Online resources are widely available and many bookstores, libraries, and educational institutions offer educational materials and programs.

Additionally, educational television networks such as PBS offer a variety of teaching materials and activities for all ages.

Do Traditional Curriculum Packages Include Extra-Curricular Activities?

No, traditional curriculum packages typically do not include extra-curricular activities. However, there are a number of supplemental materials, activities, and programs available to support a traditional curriculum package.

Many state homeschooling organizations provide free or discounted activities and extracurricular opportunities.

Can I Use a Traditional Curriculum Package With Other Educational Tools?

Yes, you can use a traditional curriculum package with other educational tools. Most curriculum packages provide a comprehensive educational plan, with accompanying materials. You can supplement the material with additional activities, reading materials, and resources, as well as educational videos, e-books, and educational applications for your computer or tablet.

Are Traditional Curriculum Packages Difficult To Implement?

No, traditional curriculum packages are not difficult to implement. A key educational advantage of a traditional curriculum package is that it is designed as a linear, easy-to-follow educational plan. However, as with any type of homeschooling program, it’s important to meet regularly with your child to ensure that they are not experiencing any difficulties with the material.


It’s important to thoroughly consider all educational options before deciding on a traditional homeschool curriculum package. Much of the success of any homeschooling program will depend on the level of commitment and discipline exhibited by the student, as well as the customized structure and materials used.

Whether you choose a traditional curriculum package or another form of educational program, it’s important to take the time to explore your options and do the necessary research in order to ensure success.

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