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Strictest Education System In The World

Education plays a central role in any society; it paves the way for a brighter future for stakeholders ranging from students to parents to governments. It is through education that we can instill values and impart skills needed for a better tomorrow. It is therefore no wonder that governments in different countries around the world strive to ensure its citizens have continuous access to quality education systems.

However, the degree to which these systems are enforced tend to vary across borders. In this article, we will take a deep look into which education system can deemed to be the strictest in the world.

What is the Strictest Education System in the World?

With diversity among education systems, there is no one-size-fits-all answer when exploring the strictest system in the world. However, the most commonly believed strictest education system tends to be in China. In China, education is codified by the Chinese government and is regarded as a primary tool to maintain attention to unity, discipline and focus.

How is the Chinese Education System Structured?

The Chinese education system is highly monitored by the government, more so than in other countries. Education is structured through the Nine-Year Compulsory Education System, which assigns each student to a pre-primary school, a primary school, and a secondary school, which then is followed by the graduation of high school.

At each stage, strict grade-based criteria are enforced with the goal of setting high standards for the country’s students. The system also covers other subjects such as mathematics, science, and English, among others. All these classes are monitored daily and performance is reviewed regularly in order to make sure that the highest standards of education are being achieved and maintained.

What are some Disadvantages of the Chinese Education System?

Although the Chinese education system is highly monitored and strictly enforced, there are still some criticisms. One of the most common criticisms is that the system focuses more on results and testing rather than making education engaging for the students.

This can lead to students burning out as they are pushed to their limits to keep up with the expectations in order to uphold the high standards set by the government. Moreover, another disadvantage of the Chinese education system is that students are largely being taught to memorize facts, rather than being encouraged to think critically. This is because the teaching and testing method in the education system relies more on students’ ability to memorize facts, rather than their ability to think independently.

This can directly impact students’ development and creativity as they are not allowed to think outside the box and explore different information outside of their immediate scope.

What is the process of Applying to a Chinese University like?

The Chinese education system is highly competitive; even at the university level. To be accepted in a reputable college or university, one must first pass the Gaokao examination (高考).

It is an entrance examination that Chinese high school students take to gain a spot in a reputable Chinese university. The examination is extremely difficult as the topics cover all aspects of the student’s curriculum, so students are pushed to their limits in order to pass. Furthermore, the examination is highly monitored, with a strict time limit, which means that the student must have complete knowledge of their curriculum and be able to demonstrate it within a short time.

Is Homeschooling Allowed in China?

Homeschooling is not officially allowed in China, although it is practiced in certain cases. The Chinese government considers homeschooling as a form of ‘evading education’ and does not recognize it as valid form of education. As such, when a parent or guardian chooses to homeschool their children, they must go through a lengthy and tedious process to register their student with the local education bureau, which requires a considerable amount of paperwork.

Additionally, homeschooled students must participate in the same Gaokao examination in order to be eligible to apply in universities throughout China, so the course and learning materials must be strictly followed in order to keep up with the educational standards.

What is the Standard of Education in China?

In general, the educational standards in China are well respected and highly commended. With a strict system in place, the standards of education tend to be well maintained and are undeniably high. That being said, western countries like the United States are increasingly struggling with maintaining their overall academic standards, which puts their students at a disadvantage compared to those from the Chinese education system.

In addition, teachers in China are highly respected due to their qualifications and expected high level of dedication and commitment to their job. Teachers are also provided with consistent trainings and the resources to teach efficiently, and are highly valued by the government.

How does the Chinese Education System Compare to Other Education Systems?

Education systems in other countries such as South Korea, India, and Japan also emphasize hard work and intense studying, however, in comparison to China, South Korea, India and Japan’s education systems are not as structured nor as strictly monitored. Furthermore, the amount of emphasis on studies and examinations in the Chinese education system is much higher than in the others, which is the main reason why the Chinese education system can be deemed the strictest in the world.

What are Some Emphasis of the Chinese Education System?

The Chinese education system emphasizes on teaching students to be diligent, hardworking, and obedient towards authority figures. The focus is to instill values and morals into students that will benefit the overall society.

Education is seen as the most important tool in achieving this goal. Besides this, there is a focus on academics too; many universities in China are incorporated into the teaching system in order to stimulate students to ‘aim-high’ and eventually enroll into a respected university. Although the teaching is rigorous, the government provides financial aid to students to ensure that they are not subject to financial difficulties while studying.

Do Students Learn Other Languages in the Chinese Education System?

In recent years, the Chinese government has recognized the importance of communication and the ability to communicate in other languages. As such, English language instruction has become mandatory for most schools in China, with the majority of secondary level schools teaching English as a major subject.

Although some students have difficulty in mastering English due to the lack of resources and teaching materials, the education system is constantly looking for ways to help students learn and understand the language better.

Are Students Taught about Politics, Economics and History?

The Chinese education system does not have a specific subject dedicated to politics, economics, and history; instead, these topics are spread throughout the curriculum. For example, politics are seen as an integral part of history, so students are taught about Chinese politics as part of their history subject.

Similarly, students are also taught economics and business as part of mathematics, which means that they explore the practical application of economic theories and understand the implications of decision-making processes. All of these topics are essential in providing the students with a comprehensive understand of the Chinese culture, society, and the functioning of the overall system.

How Many Exchange Programs are there?

The Chinese government has been constantly encouraging its students to explore international education opportunities, with the aim of making Chinese students more globally oriented. Thus, many exchange programs have been established across China to help students have the opportunity to study abroad, such as short-term, long-term, or semester-long programs.

Furthermore, most of the exchange programs are also sponsored by the Chinese government and academically affiliated universities, which helps students gain access to the most renowned universities with less financial burden.

Are there any Special Education Opportunities for the Gifted in China?

The Chinese government also provides gifted students with special education programs and opportunities to further explore their creativity and interests. These special education opportunities are geared towards students who are academically exceptional and aim to recognize their abilities as well as give them a platform to excel.

Gifted students are also given extra attention by their school faculty and provide extra classes that are specifically designed for them, which caters to their individual needs. This is done in order to ensure that the students’ potentials are not left untapped.

What Innovations has been Incorporated into the Chinese Education System?

The Chinese government has made many efforts in innovating the traditional education system. One example of this is the introduction of e-learning in schools and universities to help students have an interactive learning experience.

This form of learning uses videos, audio, and animations to better explain the subject, which can be accessed with the help of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Furthermore, the government has also introduced online courses in both primary and secondary school to help students embrace the 21st century. Additionally, the government is also exploring ways to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) into the curriculum to help students have a better understanding of their topics of studying.


The Chinese education system can undoubtedly be deemed the strictest in the world. It is highly monitored by the government and is focused on instilling values and discipline in students since childhood.

This system has proven to be effective in producing capable students with highly competitive skills, as seen in the development of advanced technology and robotics in the country. All in all, the Chinese education system looks to ensure high standards of education by setting strict and stringent criteria, while also focusing on providing students with the resources and knowledge needed to be successful in a global society.

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