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How Can I Make My Art Class Fun

Art class can be a lot of fun as a way to explore creativity, express yourself and learn in an enjoyable way. However, if classes are feeling same-old, same-old, you may need to take a step back and bring the fun back into art class.

Here are 13 ideas you can use to make art classes more enjoyable for everyone.

1. Mix Up Mediums

If you’re stuck in a rut with the same projects every week, it’s time to mix it up a bit. Instead of the same paper and pencils, you could incorporate different mediums such as clay, wood, fabrics, or found objects into your class. This will give your students the opportunity to explore and create objects using a variety of methods.

Students may also find it more exciting than the same projects every week.

2. Move Around the Room

It’s easy to let things take a predictable route when you’re in classes held within the same four walls every week. A great way to put some fun and energy back into art class is to mix it up by moving around the classroom.

You could set up stations in different areas of the room and have students rotate through each station, stopping to create something special at each one. Or, you could invite students to create art outdoors, if the weather permits.

3. Take it Outside

Bringing art outside is a great way to add some extra energy and excitement to the class. If you have an outdoor space, you can use natural materials like grass, leaves, twigs, and rocks to create art. You could even set up a scavenger hunt for students to discover artwork made of natural items.

Taking art outside can also give students a whole new perspective – looking for art that’s already there rather than just creating it themselves.

4. Let Students Explore and Create

The best way to embrace creativity is to let students explore and create without any restrictions. Give them open-ended directions or questions that let them create whatever comes to mind.

Make sure to provide plenty of materials and ideas so they can be as creative as they wish.

5. Get Music Involved

Music can add a boost of energy to any art class. Try playing different genres of music and let students create art pieces inspired by the music.

You can also use music as a way to express emotions when creating art.

6. Incorporate Storytelling

Using storytelling can be a great way to engage students with art. Have students draw and describe what they’re seeing based on a story. Or, have them illustrate a story that they’ve made up or written down.

7. Have a Critique Session

Connecting with other students through critiquing sounds a little intimidating but can be a lot of fun. A critique session will help engage students with each other’s artwork and learn from each other’s perspectives.

8. Brainstorm With Students

Brainstorming ideas with students can be a great way to explore new ideas and perspectives. Ask students to come up with creative solutions to a challenge and work together to come up with new ideas.

9. Make it a Competition

A competition can add an element of fun to any art class. Have students vote on a theme and then challenge them to create the best piece of art that fits the theme. The winner can get a small prize.

10. Draw From Real Life

Real-life objects, people and animals can be great inspirations for art projects. Have your students bring in objects to sketch and draw from real life, or take a field trip to a museum, park or zoo for some real-world inspiration.

11. Add Interactivity

Interactive projects can get students moving and thinking in new ways. Set up a live art show in the classroom or invite students to work together to create a collaborative piece of art.

12. Use Technology in the Classroom

Technology can be a great tool in art class. Have students use photography to capture artwork or use apps like Snapchat to animate drawings.

It’s worth spending some time exploring the tools and materials available to find new ways to make art class more enjoyable.

13. Give Colored Pencils and Markers a Try

Markers and colored pencils can add an extra layer of fun to your art class. As they are complicated and require a proper technique to use, they can provide your students with an additional challenge. Have them create artwork using only pencils and markers and see what amazing creations come up.


Making art classes more enjoyable for everyone doesn’t have to be a difficult process. With these 13 ideas, your students will be sure to have fun while learning.

From exploring different mediums, mixing up the classroom, taking it outside, critiquing and competing – there is sure to be something to bring life back into art class.

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