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Does Harvard Like Homeschoolers


As a homeschooler, you may have wondered whether your unique education will be accepted when applying to prestigious universities such as Harvard. Harvard is one of the most highly selective universities and many students may question if their homeschool education will be considered valid and accepted. Harvard is known to prioritize applicants who have been involved in extracurricular activities and had a solid college preparatory curriculum in high school.

It is important to remember that every student is different, and universities such as Harvard consider many elements of a student’s individual characteristics outside of just grades and test scores. In this article, we explore the truth behind whether Harvard does or does not like homeschoolers and what the university considers when evaluating homeschooled applicants.

What Is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is one form of alternative education, also known as home education or home-based learning. This approach to education is a type of personalized education where the student is educated at home, instead of attending a traditional brick and mortar school.

Those who homeschool may use a variety of educational approaches, such as online courses, unschooling, or may follow a specialized curriculum created by their parents. Generally, students who are homeschooled are graded less on test scores and more on true comprehension, understanding, and mastery of their learning objectives.

Harvard’s Evaluation Process of Homeschoolers

Harvard evaluates all applicants using the same criteria, regardless of their high school background. Transcripts, recommendations, and test scores remain essential components of a student’s application. Generally, Harvard looks for traditional students with a strong academic background.

Homeschooled students must make certain they are able to provide the necessary evidence of their learning opportunities and activities. When evaluating applicants from a homeschool background, Harvard admissions officers will look for the following:• Comprehensive and official transcripts• Recommendations from teachers and mentors that demonstrate mastery of learning objectives• Evidence of challenging courses in English, Math, Science, and Social Science• Evidence of extracurricular activities• Passionate essays• Evidence of intellectual engagement and self-motivation• An understanding of the Harvard curriculumThe admissions officers will consider the courses their students have taken, their engagement in extracurricular activities that demonstrate their interests and skills, their grades, and their standardized test scores.

Admissions Goals and Requirements for Homeschoolers

According to the admissions website for Harvard University, the school is looking for a “broadly diverse cross section of students who demonstrate intellectual vitality and who bring with them individual experiences, interests, and perspectives that enhance the overall educational atmosphere of the college. ” This means that the university is looking for a diverse student body with different experiences, interests, and perspectives.

For homeschoolers, the admissions website outlines several expectations, such as: • Homeschooled students should plan to follow a challenging academic program with a level of rigor similar to rigorous college preparatory schools. • Homeschool applicants should complete an academic transcript that includes courses, grades, and standardized test scores. • Homeschool applicants should follow a structured and authoritative curriculum.

• Homeschool applicants should have supervisors, including parents, mentors, and tutors, who will provide recommendations.

Does Harvard Like Homeschoolers?

Harvard is a prestigious university, and when it comes to admissions decisions, they look for the same qualities in all applicants regardless of educational backgrounds. This means that homeschoolers who have taken challenging courses, engaged in extracurricular activities, and have excellent recommendations will have just as much of a chance as traditional students. Harvard is looking for individuals who are prepared to stand out amongst a group of highly qualified individuals.

Homeschoolers with a rigorous program of study and a strong academic record are an attractive option for Harvard.

Best Practices for Homeschoolers Applying to Harvard

For an applicant who has been homeschooled, the best approach is to present your applications in a way that focuses on the positives of your individualized education experience. The best way to do this is by ensuring all of the required application components are covered, as listed above. Additionally, it is important to focus on including activities and experiences that reflect your unique position as a homeschooler.

Harvard admissions staff are also looking for students who demonstrate leadership and a commitment to extracurricular activities and social issues. Homeschooled students should look for opportunities to engage in activities that are in line with Harvard’s mission and values.

These activities can include starting a club, participating in international service projects, or engaging with a local non-profit organization.


In conclusion, Harvard does indeed accept and consider homeschoolers amongst their applicants. Harvard’s admissions team look for applicants to have taken a rigorous program of study, have a strong academic record, and demonstrate qualities of leadership and commitment for admission. Homeschooled applicants should take special care to present their applications in a way that showcases their individualized learning experiences and demonstrate that their educational background is equivalent to a traditional school environment.

With the right resources and guidance, homeschoolers can make a strong application to Harvard and are just as eligible as traditional students to make the cut.

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