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Does Elon Musk Homeschool

Elon Musk is a world-renowned entrepreneur and founder of SpaceX, Tesla, and The Boring Company. But despite his many accomplishments, many are still uncertain as to what Elon Musk’s approach to parenting is.

Particularly, many people have wondered whether Elon Musk homeschools his children or if he is a proponent of traditional public education. This article seeks to answer this question by examining Elon Musk’s own words, reported conversations with his children, and analyzing his approach to education from an expert perspective.

Elon Musk’s Views on Homeschooling

When asked directly about homeschooling, Elon Musk has remained mostly tight-lipped on the matter. However, there are some instances where his interview comments have provided a few hints about what his approach to educating his children may be. In a 2018 Rolling Stone feature, Musk remarked that “some subjects are better to be learned with a teacher, and others you could get away with doing on your own.

” This comment implies that he may use something of a hybrid approach when it comes to educating his children, combining aspects of homeschooling and traditional public education. In addition to Musk’s own remarks, other sources have provided further insight into the entrepreneur’s views on parenting.

Michael Sheehan, a close friend of Musk and the author of the aforementioned Rolling Stone feature, recalled a conversation he had with both Elon and his oldest son, Damian. During the conversation, Sheehan noticed that neither mentioned homeschooling as an option, suggesting that he may not be a proponent of it.

Reports of Musk’s Interactions with His Children regarding Education

Despite Elon Musk’s reluctance to elaborate on his parenting techniques, there have been reports of how he interacts with his children about education. According to the aforementioned Rolling Stone feature, Musk expressed his desire for his children to pursue a rigorous academic workload, but also expressed an understanding for his children’s limitations and interests.

This suggests that he is more focused on allowing his children to prioritize their own education and to move towards pursuing what they are passionate about. Musk has also shown a commitment to his children’s education, according to reports. He was noted to have been present when his children completed their homeschool activities, helping them when needed.

Additionally, he has been known to have discussions with his children about the general state of the world, such as the current political climate. This further suggests that he is engaging in their education while letting them explore their interests.

Areas of Expertise in Elon Musk’s Education Style

In spite of Musk’s refusal to make a definitive statement on homeschooling, analyzing the components of the entrepreneur’s parenting style can provide insights into his approach to educating his children. Experts agree that Elon Musk holds two core values when it comes to parenting and education.

First, Musk believes in allowing his children to pursue their own interests. He has noted that his eldest son, Damian, is not fond of science and mathematics. However, rather than pushing him to focus on areas he is not interested in, Musk has encouraged his son to pursue what he is truly passionate about.

Second, Musk believes in the importance of creating a stimulating learning environment for his children. This takes the form of mundane tasks such as helping with their homeschooling activities, to more unique activities such as discussing the current state of the world.

Experts agree that this approach helps to foster a diverse range of learning experiences and encourages creative problem solving.


In conclusion, while Elon Musk has not definitively stated whether or not he homeschools his children, it is clear that the entrepreneur has a unique approach to parenting and educating his children. He values allowing his children to explore their passions and creating a stimulating learning environment for them. This evidence suggests that Elon Musk may take a hybrid approach to educating his children that combines homeschooling with traditional public education.

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