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Why Is School Better Than Homeschooling

Many questions have surfaced concerning education in the last couple of decades. One of the either versus questions that have stuck around for a while is: is schooling better than homeschooling?

While it may have its advantages, it has its disadvantages too. This article aims to bring to light the eight reasons as to why school is involved to be better than homeschooling. It will compare and contrast the cost, environment, academics, socialization, structure, independence, resources and expertise offered when one opts for schooling instead of homeschooling.


The cost of schooling is undoubtedly less when compared to homeschooling. Although, one may have to pay fees depending on certain factors like their location and the school they choose, the amount is often nominal when compared to the cost of homeschooling.

A homeschool parent will have to bear the cost of curriculum, books, stationery, and other educational materials that may be needed throughout the year. As oppose to school, where the parent will only have to bear the cost of school fees.


School offers an environment that most homeschooling scenarios cannot replicate. Schools are equipped with a well-designed infrastructure and facilities to cater to their students’ educational and needs. In addition, schools have adjacent playgrounds and well-maintained grounds to ensure an environment conducive to learning.

On the other hand, homeschooling lacks such environment with the learning limited to the four walls of a home.


A major advantage of school is that it provides access to several aspects of academics that homeschooling is unable to offer. Schools have teaching staff who are trained to provide extensive knowledge on a variety of topics such as English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Arts among other fields.

It also provides extra-curricular activities to their students such as dance and drama, music, sports and other team activities that promote one’s all-round development. Such a program is often not provided by a homeschooling parent or a caretaker who is not qualified or trained to deliver such educational content.


A very important factor when it comes to educational development is socialization, which is more easily achieved in a school setting than in a homeschooling environment. Schools have a diverse student population composed of different backgrounds, races, and cultures, which helps nurture individual and group interactions that are important for development — something that is not available to a homeschooled child.


Schools offer a structured learning environment that is not available to homeschooled students. This structure offers more discipline and a more focused approach to learning as one is more likely to remain focused by following the schedules and syllabus of each subject and course.

In contrast, homeschooling lacks structure and organization due to its unregulated and untimed curriculum.


Schools offer an atmosphere that fosters independence among their students. As children learn and grow, they gain independence and knowledge that can be used to enhance their future career paths.

Homeschooling, on the other hand, does not provide for such a learning experience.


Schools have access to resources that homeschooling provides. Many schools have libraries offering a wide selection of books and reading materials, as well as computer labs and educational software that can be used to enrich the learning experience.

Such resources are often unavailable to homeschooled students.


Schools have access to a greater amount of expertise than what is available to homeschooling. Schools have different degrees of teachers and specialists that offer their students the benefits of their experience and knowledge. Homeschooled students are often unable to access such expertise.


Skool education has many benefits over homeschooling. It provides cost effective education, a well-equipped environment, academics from trained professionals, increased level of socialization, a structured learning experience, independence and access to resources that are not accessible to homeschooled students, and access to knowledgeable professionals.

In conclusion, it is safe to say thatschooling is a better choice for young learners.

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