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Why Homeschool In 2023

Homeschooling has grown increasingly popular for parents looking for an alternative approach to education for their children. Currently, homeschooling is estimated to serve over two million students in the United States alone.

With successful homeschooling experiences and more accessible resources and technology, homeschooling could reach its peak in 202 This article examines the many pros and cons of homeschooling and why parents should consider homeschooling for their children in 202

Benefits of Homeschooling for Your Child

Homeschooling offers several advantages for children’s well being and academic success. Parents have the freedom to customize their curriculum to their children’s needs and interests, allowing them to design a program that will help their child thrive. By having set goals, children will also have the opportunity to move ahead or further develop topics at their own pace.

Additionally, homeschooling provides a safe, distraction-free environment that allows children to focus without any disturbances from other students.

Benefits of Homeschooling for Parents

Homeschooling also offers several benefits for parents. Since parents are the ones crafting the curriculum, they are in control of their children’s education. Parents also have a greater ability to assess their children’s needs and can tailor the program accordingly.

As a result, they become more actively involved in their children’s education. In addition, parents have the opportunity to explore possible career paths, gain parenting experience and spend more quality time with their children.

Homeschooling Resources

Homeschooling is also becoming more easily accessible due to the increasing resources and technology available to parents. Many online classes and virtual learning options offer homeschoolers the opportunity to engage with peers, teachers and subject matter experts from all over the globe.

Additionally, homeschooling coops are popping up all over the country and are especially beneficial for those living in rural areas. Living History Farms, Forts, National Parks and even zoos are providing homeschooling resources and workshops.

Advocacy for Homeshoolers

Homeschoolers are continuing to gain more recognition and numerous caucuses are being created to gain legal rights for homeschoolers. These caucuses help ensure homeschoolers’ rights to participate in public school programs such as college-level courses, sports, and extracurricular activities. Additionally, homeschoolers are enjoying more acceptance from society as the public becomes more aware of the advantages of homeschooling.

Unique Focus on Family Values

Many people choose to homeschool in order to focus on their family values as well as religious teachings. Homeschoolers have the flexibility to incorporate values such as respect, responsibility, and personal development into their curriculum.

Additionally, they can create a learning environment based on their religion, which many see as an essential part of teaching children important values.

Savings in Time & Costs

Homeschooling eliminates the need to commute to and from the school, and often involves less costs such as classroom materials, school supplies, and other educational resources. Homeschoolers can take advantage of local libraries and become part of the library networks, instead of paying for books and other educational materials, in addition to saving time as students can often complete their assignments in less time.

Increasing Homeschool Curriculums & Options

There are many different homeschool curriculums and approaches that parents can choose from. Traditional curriculums, such as Saxon Math, Abeka, and BJU Press are still available, but parents now have the option of modern curriculums such as Time 4 Learning and Monarch. Parents can also explore online classes, virtual learning options such as K12, and even create their own tailored program.

Experienced Homeschooling Parents

Over the years, homeschooling parents have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. With a vast community of supportive parents and organizations, homeschooling families have access to support, resources, and guidance from veteran homeschoolers.

Ease of Access to Educational Trips

Homeschooling families can take advantage of educational trips, often planning them with other homeschooling families. Furthermore, homeschoolers may have easier access to certain programs and events due to the flexible schedule.

Student Centered Education & Creative Learning

One of the major advantages of homeschooling is providing a student-centered education where the student sets their own educational goals and works towards achieving them. By offering more freedom and creativity, homeschooling can create an effective and motivating learning environment.

Flexible & Fun Learning

With home education, parents can design activities that are both flexible and fun, helping to reach learning objectives. Homeschoolers have the opportunity to explore different activities such as painting, baking, gardening, and crafting, which may not be available in traditional learning environments.


Homeschooling in 2023 will provide families with an abundance of opportunities and resources to create an effective homeschooling program. By taking advantage of the growing support for homeschoolers, access to homeschool curriculum, and the flexible opportunities available to students and parents alike, homeschooling can prove to be a successful educational solution.

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