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Who Is The Best Mathematics Student In The World

The question of who is the best mathematics student in the world is one that has been around as long as mathematics has been studied. Distinguished mathematicians have come out of universities, institutes and schools across the world.

With the extreme level of difficulty of mathematics and the breadth of its applications, an individual’s success in the field can be adjudged in a variety of ways. In this article, we’ll look at some of the contenders for the title of best mathematics student in the world and examine their accomplishments, academic and non-academic.

Meta Duaga – French Polynesian Mathematician

Meta Duaga is widely acknowledged as one of the top mathematics students in the world. She hails from French Polynesia and is currently studying mathematics and physics at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. In 2017, Duaga was awarded the Gordon Prize for Mathematics and Innovation for being the top mathematics student in her country that year.

What sets Duaga apart is her dedication to the field of mathematics and the number of achievements she has made while in college. Duaga has published several papers on mathematics and its related fields, including work on mathematical models of neural networks and mathematical theories of fluid dynamics.

She has been a part of a number of mathematics research projects during her term at Cambridge and has been awarded the title of “Philosophical Society Scholar” for her research. Duaga is also a member of the Mathematics Society of Cambridge and serves as a teacher’s assistant under the supervision of some of the top professors in the field.

Isabella Yang – American Mathematician

Another prominent mathematics student who has made significant contributions to the world of mathematics is Isabella Yang from the US. Despite her young age, Yang has already achieved many incredible milestones in the field of mathematics. She is currently studying at Harvard, pursuing a PhD in pure and applied mathematics.

Yang has proved some of the most difficult concepts and problems in mathematics, including The Dirichlet Principle, The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic and The Four Color Theorem. She has also conducted numerous research projects, including ones on statistical and computational analysis.

Her work has earned her many awards, including a spot in the National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship Program and the National Science Medal.

Alexander White – British Mathematician

Alexander White is another contender in the ranks of top mathematics students in the world. White hails from the United Kingdom and is currently studying mathematics at the University of Oxford. He has made numerous breakthroughs in the field of mathematics, making important contributions to topics such as number theory, mathematical logic and graph theory.

White is also well-known for setting and breaking puzzles, with his solutions published in some of the top mathematics journals in the world. He has also been a part of many esteemed research projects and has been rewarded for his work with recognition from the Royal Academy of Sciences, the British Mathematical Society and more.


The three contenders in the race for the title of best mathematics student in the world are all incredibly talented and dedicated individuals, with impressive publication records and numerous awards and accolades to their name. Meta Duaga is a standout in terms of research produced and awards won, Isabella Yang has solved some of the most difficult problems and Alexander White has made important contributions to the field of mathematics, both academically and outside of it. Each of them has secured a place among the best mathematics students in the world and will continue to push the boundaries of the field in the years to come.

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