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Which Country Has The Hardest Exams

What country has the most difficult exams? In other words, what country is known for having the most tricky assessments?

Perhaps it’s Japan, the United States, China, or some other country altogether? In this article, we aim to uncover the answer to this question. We highlight some of the most rigorous examinations from different countries, expanding our understanding of which country can lay claim to the title for the hardest exams.

What Is the Gaokao Exam?

To begin, let’s look at the Gaokao exam from China. This Chinese college entrance exam is widely regarded to be one of the toughest tests in the world. It’s a nine-hour affair composed of tests in language, mathematics, science, and humanities (for the liberal arts track).

Those wanting to study computer science must pass an additional assessment. The examination is so intense, a student’s future heavily hinges on how well they are able to perform on it.

Furthermore, the test is so strenuous, some high schoolers begin preparing for the Gaokao over a year in advance. The Gaokao is also famous for its large number of provable questions. Unlike essay questions, which provide a student some room to showcase their critical thinking skills, the Gaokao largely requires students to have a comprehensive and fundamental understanding of the material.

This is why students must spend so much time studying. Those who fail can retake the test the following year, but such losses can be costly.

Those who are able to pass, however, are almost guaranteed a spot at a reputable university.

Who Has to Take the National Center Test?

Next, Japan comes to mind when talking about difficult exams. The National Center Test for University Admissions tests students aspiring to attend an accredited university in Japan. This test is more moderate than the have Gaokao, but still a cumbersome challenge.

It’s composed of five sections: a written essay, “Reading Comprehension and Expression Test”, “general field questions”, “mathematics and quantitative reasoning”, and the “special field”. However, unlike the Gaokao, in which a student’s results dictate their admission fate, the National Centre Test is only one component of a student’s application.

Also, while the Gaokao covers an array of subjects, the National Center Test is often tailored to a particular field of study. Consequently, the difficulty it presents varies from person to person.

What About the SAT and ACT from the US?

It’s impossible to have a conversation about difficult exams without mentioning the SAT and ACT from the United States. To be clear, these tests are less rigorous than the Gaokao or the National Center Test, but remain a challenge nonetheless.

The SAT consists of a four-section test in evidence-based reading, mathematics, and writing, while the ACT is Bifurcated into English, mathematics, reading, and science. Unlike the Gaokao or the National Center Tests, the SAT and the ACT do not determine admission – they merely provide an indication of a student’s academic aptitude. Furthermore, some Universities administer in-house tests that are more blaringly difficult than either the SAT or the ACT.

For instance, the University of California Mathematics Diagnostic Test has a 20-question assessment that must be completed in under 10 minutes.

What Other Tests Have a High Difficulty Level?

There are several other examinations with a loquatory level of difficulty. In India, the Joint Entrance Exam is recognized as one of the toughest engineering exams on the planet.

This is mainly due to its comprehensive coverage. The exam has multiple sections and requires students to possess an intimate understanding of mathematics, physics, and chemistry. In the United Kingdom, the A-Levels tests are known for requiring vast amounts of study, as evidenced by its categories of AS and A2 Level.

The former is a basic assessment, requiring only one-year of prep. The latter is a supplementary examination, comprised of more detailed problems and concepts. Lackluster knowledge in this area can hamstring a student’s chances of entering an elite university.

What About Other Countries?

There are many other countries with tough exams. Israel is home to the Bagrut Test and Korea has its college scholastic ability test. Germany has the Abitur Test and Switzerland the Matura Test.

In the Philippines, prospective college students must take the University of the Philippines College Admission Test. In each of these countries, the tests are ardently difficult and insanely competitive.

Who Has the Hardest Exam?

There is no easy answer to this question. It requires consideration for the exams in each country, the intensity, and the subsequent admissions requirements.

One thing is for certain: none of these tests, especially the Gaokao, should be taken lightly. In conclusion, it’s hard to pinpoint the country with the toughest exams. There are numerous tests around the world that are excruciatingly difficult.

In the end, the most difficult examination is usually the one that you personally have to take. Studying early and extensively will go a long way towards getting you into your dream school.

Good luck!

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