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What Is The Most Romantic Color For A Bedroom

Many people view the bedroom as the most intimate room in their home. When creating a romantic environment, the goal should be to make the room inviting and calming.

Choosing the most romantic color for a bedroom can make the space feel more special, warm and inviting. Rich and vibrant colors can create soothing and exotic vibes while pastels create a calming atmosphere. Investing in a comfortable bed is essential, but when it comes to giving the bedroom a romantic touch, the right color is just as important.

One: Neutrals as Romantic Colors

Neutrals such as cream, beige, taupe and tawny are all considered to be excellent romantic colors for a bedroom. They are subtle, rich and timeless and can easily be spruced up with small accenting colors such as pillows, rugs and wall decorations. Neutrals offer a soothing and inviting environment that is welcoming and calming.

It is easy to add splashes of brighter colors to turn a bedroom from neutral to vibrant, or to a more muted and subtler color palette for more intimacy.

Two: Shades of Pink for a Feminine Touch

For a more romantic and feminine feel in the bedroom, shades of pink are an excellent choice. While soft pinks are considered to be more romantic, darker shades of pink can be used to add a bit of drama and allure.

When used alongside neutral colors, pink can help to create the perfect balance of subtlety and alluring tones. Lighter shades of pink work great in smaller rooms as they naturally brighten and open up a space, while deeper shades of pink create a strong and enveloping atmosphere.

Three: White – Brings Pure Luxury

For a more luxurious and romantic feel in the bedroom, white is an excellent color to choose. White instantly gives off an air of pure elegance and can be used to create a warm, fresh and inviting atmosphere.

It is also considered a timeless color which can be easily combined with other colors in order to create a more exciting and romantic mood. When used in bright and airy bedrooms, white can create a sense of effortless luxury and can be accented with gold and silver colors and accessories.

Four: Soft Green with a Serene Quality

Soft greens, such as mint, sage and emerald, are colors that evoke a relaxing and serene emotion. They can be used to create a light and airy atmosphere in the bedroom and are colors that can help to bring a sense of peace and tranquility.

Soft greens are often considered to be calming colors and are perfect for creating a more romantic and soothing bedroom. Depending on the shade, green can also be used to create an exotic and alluring bedroom as well.

Five: Burgundy for a Touch of Regality

Burgundy is a strong, warm and regal color which can help to create an incredibly romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. While vibrant shades of burgundy can be used to bring a greater sense of style and elegance, softer shades of burgundy are perfect for giving the bedroom a romantic and inviting feel. Deep shades of burgundy can be great when used against white or neutral colors in order to bring in a sense of drama and intensity.

Six: Navy with Shockingly Sensuous Results

Navy is an excellent color choice for those looking to give their bedroom a more romantic atmosphere. Navy has the ability to create both subtle and dramatic looks. At times navy is seen as too strong of a color, but when used in moderation it can create an undeniably romantic atmosphere.

Deep navy colors can be complemented by elegant decorations and furnishings to create an entirely different look and feel to a bedroom.

Seven: Purple for a Mysterious Romance

Purple is a mysterious color which can be used to create a magical and wonderful romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. Bright shades of purple are great for those looking to bring a greater sense of drama and style to their bedroom, while more muted shades of purple can create a more intimate and subtle look and feel.

Purple is a great accent color when used alongside quieter colors and can bring in a strong sense of energy and excitement to a bedroom.

Eight: Grey as an Alluring Option

Grey has grown in popularity in recent years, as it offers a simple yet striking contrast in any bedroom. Shades of grey provide a warm and inviting atmosphere and are a great choice for those looking to create a romantic bedroom.

Grey can be used alongside soft colors such as pink and green to bring in a great sense of balance and harmony. It is also a perfect color to use when decorating a smaller bedroom as it can open up a space and make it look larger.

Nine: Soft Browns Offer a Sensual Environment

Brown is a classic choice for a more romantic bedroom as it can be used in different shades and depths to add a sense of warmth and sensuality. Soft browns such as latte, tan and beige are perfect for creating tranquil and inviting environments and are great for those who want to make the bedroom cozy and inviting.

Brown can be used alongside neutrals or with more vibrant colors to create an interesting mix of different shades and tones.

Ten: Soft Orange for a Bit of Spice

Soft oranges, such as peach and apricot, offer an earthy and inviting atmosphere in the bedroom and are considered to be some of the most romantic colors for bedrooms. Orange is a great color to use in bedrooms where natural light is abundant, as it can bring out the warmth of the sun and create a sense of coziness and comfort.

Orange can also be used in combination with neutral colors or with more vibrant colors to create an eclectic and romantic atmosphere.

Eleven: Mix and Match to Achieve a Romantic Ambience

Creating a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean sticking to one color. Mixing and matching colors can help to create a more playful and inviting environment. Combining neutral shades with pops of brighter colors help to bring in a greater sense of energy and excitement to a room.

Soft shades of pink and navy work well together as do shades of green and brown. The key is too add in just the right amount of color to ensure that the bedroom remains calm and inviting.

Twelve: Warm Shades of Yellow for a Cheerful and Romantic Environment

Warm shades of yellow, such as mustard and gold, are excellent colors to use when creating a more romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. Yellow is a cheerful color which can be used to bring in a great sense of energy and joy in the bedroom.

Soft shades of yellow are perfect for those looking to create a calm and cozy bedroom, while brighter shades of yellow can bring in a greater sense of playfulness and excitement.

Thirteen: Enhance the Room with Appropriate Textiles and Accessories

When decorating the bedroom for a more romantic atmosphere, it is important to choose the appropriate textiles and accessories to further enhance the feel of the room. Adding in soft, plush bedding and accent pillows is a great way to bring in an inviting and intimate feel to the room.

Hanging up sheer fabrics around the bed can also create a more dreamy and romantic atmosphere, while the use of materials such as velvet and suede can be used to add a bit of texture and depth.


Choosing the right color for a bedroom is essential when it comes to creating a more romantic atmosphere. From neutrals to bright and bold colors, there are a wide range of options available that can help to bring in a sense of coziness and intimacy.

When used alongside the right textiles and accessories, each color mentioned can create a unique and wonderful atmosphere in any bedroom.

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