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What Curriculum Does Khan Academy Use

Khan Academy is an online learning platform that provides a wide range of courses and lesson plans different from those used by traditional schools. The Khan Academy curricula offers students the chance to learn different topics from basic math to coding, and more. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Khan Academy curriculum and the different options it provides.

We will discuss what subjects and topics are covered, as well as the age groups that can benefit from the program. Additionally, we will outline the advantages of using the Khan Academy curriculum and what sets it apart from other programs.

What Subjects and Topics Are Covered by Khan Academy?

Khan Academy offers a comprehensive list of topics and lessons, ranging from the basics all the way to advanced concepts, such as programming and coding. Inside the platform, users can find courses, tutorials, and practice modules for Math, Science, Economics and Finance, Computer Science, and Art & Humanities. Inside each topic, there are many courses for students to take, giving them the possibility of learning about a specific field or simply brushing up on their existing knowledge.

For instance, under the Math section, there are courses for Arithmetic, Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, and Trigonometry. Inside each of these courses, there are lessons, videos, exercises, and practice tests to help users master the topic.

Khan Academy also covers other important topics and skills, such as writing, problem-solving, and critical thinking. These courses do not necessarily fall in one of the main topics discussed inside the platform, but they are nonetheless important for those looking to develop their academic and practical reasoning skills.

What Age Groups Benefit from the Khan Academy Curriculum?

Khan Academy is a great learning platform for both children and adults. The platform offers lessons and exercises tailored to different age groups, from preschoolers to adults. For younger children, Khan Academy offers basic math, coding, and science lessons, as well as language learning modules.

Khan Academy also offers more advanced topics for older pupils and college students, including lessons on physics, mathematics, economics, and computer science.

For those already in possession of a college degree and interested in furthering their knowledge, Khan Academy also provides courses and lessons on a variety of topics.

From personal growth and development to professional mastery, users can choose one of the many subjects available and take their education to the next level.

What Advantages Does the Khan Academy Curriculum Provide?

The Khan Academy curriculum offers many advantages that make it stand out from other educational platforms. First off, the courses available are constantly expanding with new topics, helping students reach their goals faster and more efficiently. Additionally, Khan Academy courses are used by teachers, schools, and universities throughout the world, allowing students to be confident in the quality of the education they are receiving.

Another important characteristic of the Khan Academy curriculum is that it is entirely online. This means anyone can take the courses, no matter where they are.

Additionally, the courses are available completely free of charge and users can easily access them from their computers, tablets, and smartphones. Finally, the Khan Academy approach to learning is based on constantly repeating lessons and doing practice tests, a technique that has been proven to be effective in the learning process.


The Khan Academy curriculum is a great way to expand one’s knowledge and develop new skills. It offers a wide range of courses, tutorials, and practice exercises in subjects such as math, science, computer science, and economics.

Khan Academy also covers other topics that are important for developing a solid base of knowledge, such as problem-solving and critical thinking. Lastly, the Khan Academy approach to education is free, convenient, and tailored to different age groups, making it truly accessible to everyone.

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