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What Crafts Are Trending

Crafting is a wonderful, creative way for people to express and explore their interests. From paper crafts to quilting, stitching and even making jewelry, crafting can be a really fun and rewarding way to de-stress and express yourself.

But with the world turning more and more digital, it’s worth asking: What crafts are trending? In this article, we’ll explore some of the hottest craft trends people are flocking to.


Upcycling is an incredibly popular trend in crafting. It entails taking an item of clothing, furniture, or other objects, and refinishing them to give them a more modern or personalized look while still reusing the same resources.

It’s a fantastic way to reduce waste, while still creating beautiful and useful items. As an added bonus, upcycling gives a tangible way to bond with generations past through crafting. Many upcycling projects are fairly simple, like making pillows out of sweaters or throwing old furniture pieces into a pile and finding interesting ways to repurpose them.

But before you start digging through the attic, make sure to get a good grasp of the basics of the craft you intend to work on. For upcycling projects, it’s always best to start with a general overview of the process, as well as a good understanding of the materials and products available for the task. Understanding these details can help ensure you create an item that looks as good as it does in your imagination.

To complete basic upcycling projects, you should have a few key supplies on hand, including paint, sandpaper, tack cloth, brush and scraper, as well as any other tools you need specific to the item you’re working on. From there, you can select the pieces you’d like to work with, clean and prepare them accordingly, and then let your imagination run wild.

Whether you’re creating upcycled clothes, furniture or even decorative items, upcycling is an enjoyable and rewarding way to reduce waste and get creative.

Sewing and Quilting

Sewing and quilting are two of the oldest forms of craft, and remain popular to this day. Sewing projects can range from basic–like making face masks–to advanced pieces, like garments or costumes. Quilting projects open up a world of creativity, from creating simple patchwork quilts to intricate patterns that require attention and skill.

Both crafts have been popular for centuries and have their respective educational organizations, like the American Sewing Guild and the Modern Quilt Guild, that can provide guidance and insight into the respective crafts. For those just starting out in sewing or quilting, it’s important to recognize that these crafts require some investment.

Gathering the necessary tools, like quality scissors, a measuring tape and various fabric pieces, can cost a considerable amount. Additionally, sewing and quilting projects usually require patience and a keen eye for detail. It takes time and practice to become familiar with the tools and techniques necessary to create high-quality pieces.

Once you’re comfortable with the material and tools, the real fun begins. Sewing opens up the possibility to create a wide variety of usable and meaningful pieces.

Quilting projects provide a way to craft something that is distinctly and completely unique. Because of their beautiful patterns and relative intricacy, quilted pieces, in particular, can bring a certain charm and character to any home.

Making Jewelry

Making jewelry is a fantastic way for crafters to turn everyday materials into something that is both inspiring and unique. Crafting jewelry requires some skill and attention, but with a wide variety of materials available, it can be a great way to get creative. From basic jewelry-making kits to complex tools and materials, jewelry crafting can be as simple or as intricate as one wishes.

For those looking to start jewelry-making projects, there are many ways to go about it. If you’re just starting out, you may want to consider purchasing a jewelry-making kit that comes with all the supplies you need, along with instructions to create a specific item.

Other materials like beads, stones, chains, hooks, and more can be purchased separately, allowing you to create custom pieces of varying difficulty. Once you’re comfortable with the basics, consider taking specific classes, depending on the type of jewelry you’re looking to craft.

Special courses such as wire wrapping or metalworking can provide you with the skills and talents necessary to create more complex pieces of jewelry. It’s a great way to apply your craft to something that is both meaningful and personal.

Paper Crafting

Paper crafting is a great way to create intricate and detailed pieces with a minimal number of tools. Many paper crafts can be done with a few pieces of paper, scissors, and a glue stick. Yet the work created by paper crafters can rival the intricacy of jewelry or upcycled pieces.

Paper crafting can take on a variety of forms, from origami and paper art to papercutting and quilling. Regardless of the form of the craft, there are a few basic concepts that remain true.

The process of paper crafting typicallyFollows one of two paths: either generating a pattern to create an intricate piece of art or cutting any number of pieces to form hauntingly beautiful silhouettes. Similar to other crafts, taking paper crafting classes can give you the skills and knowledge necessary to create floor-long paper murals or detailed sculptures. For those just starting out, purchasing a paper crafting kit can give you enough materials and instruction to create your own masterpiece in a single afternoon.


Crafting is an incredible pastime that can offer many hours of enjoyment and stress relief, as well as providing a way to bring that special personal touch to your home. When considering what crafts are trending, there are a number of great options to explore.

From upcycling to sewing, quilting, making jewelry and paper crafting, there’s something for everyone in the world of crafting.

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