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What Celebrity Kids Are Homeschooled

Schooling and education were possibly the two most important parts of a person’s life. The type of schooling — public, private or homeschooling – was usually dependent upon the family’s financial involvement or the parent’s choice, or a combination of both.

The coronavirus pandemic might also have acted as motivation for some parents to homeschool their children. In this article, we will look at some celebrity kids who are homeschooled.


Homeschooling is becoming an increasingly popular educational option for the families of celebrity children, especially in the face of the current pandemic. Celebrities such as Will Smith, Pink, Christina Applegate and more, have opted to homeschool one or more of their children in an effort to not only keep them safe and healthy during the coronavirus crisis, but also provide them with a personalized education. Many of these celebrity parents have shared their stories of homeschooling online and in interviews, offering insights and advice to other parents considering this education option.

They have talked about the challenges they have faced, the rewards and the new ways of thinking that have been developed in the process. There are many reasons why celebrities decide to homeschool their kids, from health and safety to providing a personalized education and a closer bond with the family.

In this article, we will look at some famous celebrity kids who are homeschooled.

Will Smith’s Kids

Will Smith is one of the most famous celebrities who are homeschooling their children. His eldest son Jaden Smith was homeschooled from a young age – from the age of 8 – to focus on his acting career.

Despite being schooled at home, Jaden still managed to receive top grades, and was accepted into New York University at the age of 1 Jaden’s sister Willow Smith is also homeschooled. In an interview,Will Smith said that homeschooling his children has enabled him to “get into their heads” and provide them with the best education tailored to their individual needs.

Pink’s Kids

Celebrity singer-songwriter Pink and her husband Carey Hart revealed that they had been homeschooling their kids since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. In a series of Instagram posts, the couple shared their experience of homeschooling their two children, daughter Willow and son Jameson.

Pink praised the process of homeschooling, saying that it allowed her to spend more time with her children and form an even stronger bond with them.

Christina Applegate’s Kids

Actress Christina Applegate revealed that she had been homeschooling her daughter, Sadie, for the past few years and had started to homeschool her other daughter, Amelia, during the pandemic. Applegate had opted for a homeschooling model which focused on experiential learning, allowing her daughters to explore the world around them in detail.

Alicia Silverstone’s Kids

Alicia Silverstone has been homeschooling her two children – son Bear and daughter, Aslan – since they were babies. Silverstone, who is an advocate of sustainable and healthy living, said that homeschooling allowed her to create an educational environment that was more in tune with her lifestyle and beliefs.

She said it had helped her children develop a better sense of self-confidence and self-expression, as well as taught them to think independently.

Gwen Stefani’s Kids

Gwen Stefani had revealed that she had been homeschooling her three sons ever since the start of the pandemic. Stefani said that the process of homeschooling had enabled her to better understand her children’s educational needs and had built a closer bond between them.

She also said that although it was challenging at times, it was also incredibly rewarding.

Angelia Jolie’s Kids

Angelina Jolie has been homeschooling her child for some time now, and is said to have opted for an “unschooling” approach. Unschooling is a popular method of homeschooling which focuses more on the development of life skills and personal interests rather than the traditional academic curriculum. Jolie has praised the results of this method of teaching and says that it has brought her children closer to their extended family as they often travel around and learn together.

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West’s Kids

Kim Kardashian West and her husband Kanye West revealed that they had been homeschooling their children since the start of the pandemic. Kardashian and West have opted for an eclectic homeschooling approach which allows their children to choose the type of curriculum and subjects that are best suited for them. Although Kardashian has said that homeschooling can be challenging, she’s also said that it has allowed her children to broaden their horizons.

Eddie Murphy’s Kids

Eddie Murphy has said that he and his ex-wife, Nicole Murphy, chose to homeschool their kids in order to provide them with a more personalized education. Murphy has said that the results have been positive and his children have benefited from this approach and have achieved great academic successes.

Snoop Dogg’s Kids

Snoop Dogg has revealed that he had been homeschooling his children for a period of time and that he found it to be a great learning tool. His daughter, Cori, is also said to have received her high school diploma early due to the homeschooling program that had been implemented.

Ice Cube’s Daughter

Ice Cube’s daughter, O’Shea Jackson Jr. , revealed that she had been homeschooled for her whole high school career. Jackson said that although it was difficult, she was also able to gain more knowledge and understanding of the world around her.

She also said that homeschooling had allowed her to develop better social and academic skills.

Julia Robert’s Kids

Julia Roberts opted to homeschool her children, Hazel, Phinnaeus and Henry, once they reached middle school age. Roberts has said that homeschooling allowed her children to learn in an environment that was more suited to their individual needs. She also said that it was an experience that she was able to share with her children and had made them closer as a family.


Homeschooling is becoming an increasingly popular educational choice for many celebrities as it allows them to provide their children with a personalized education tailored to their individual needs. Celebrities such as Will Smith, Pink, Christina Applegate, Alicia Silverstone, Gwen Stefani, Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West, Eddie Murphy, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and Julia Roberts have all homeschooled their children at some stage.

It has enabled them to get to know their children better and build a closer bond with them. It has also allowed them to create an environment where their children can explore the world around them and develop the best possible educational skills.

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