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What Are The Two Main Tasks Of A Teacher

Teaching is one of the most rewarding and difficult professions. Teachers share their experience and knowledge, advise and counsel students, as well as nurture and cultivate students’ intellectual and social development in the education environment. As such, teachers have a broad range of responsibilities, both inside and outside the classroom.

Today, we’ll explore the two main tasks of a teacher that are essential to the success of any class.

Motivating Students

A motivating teacher is essential for the success of the class. Teaching requires the ability to create a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning, inspiring and motivating their students to perform.

To achieve this, the teacher must become familiar with the individual needs and interests of their students, creating activities that are tailored to the students’ preferences and that capture their students’ full attention. This may include activities like projects, group discussions, presentations and others, depending on the subject and level of the students. It is important that teachers not only motivate their students to work, but also to reach their full potential and develop their skills.

To do this, teachers should provide their students with challenging but achievable tasks and activities and reward their efforts with individualized feedback. This includes guidance and support, being encouraging when students fail and reinforcement when they succeed.

Finally, it is important for teachers to motivate and support their students with more than just academic endeavors. They should encourage and acknowledge their students for their efforts in any club or sports activities, for their civic and volunteer endeavors, and for their overall student life development. By doing so, a teacher is creating a nurturing, student-centered environment that encourages creativity.

Facilitating Learning

The other main task of teaching is to facilitate learning in the classroom. While each teacher is expected to have their own teaching style, successful teachers should focus on both providing quality information in an interesting and engaging way as well as managing behavior and encouraging participation among their students.

This can be achieved through a variety of methods such as discussion-based classroom activities, videos, educational games, and modern technology. A successful teacher will understand the importance of utilizing educational material carefully, ensuring that students are presented with meaningful information that can be applied to everyday life. Moreover, a successful teacher will be able to guide their students through complex text and material, helping them make connections between concepts and find meaningful solutions.

On the other hand, a successful teacher should also be capable of managing their classroom and provide a structured atmosphere. This includes materials like classroom rules and plans to encourage student collaboration and discussion.

Also, teachers should pay attention to student behavior and engagement during the lesson. This means adjusting the lesson plan and activities to the needs of the students and individual learners.


Teachers play a vital role in the education of their students, helping shape the way students view the world and the skills and knowledge they develop along the way. As such, teaching is a challenging profession that requires a great deal of commitment, time, and dedication. The two main tasks of a teacher include motivating their students and facilitating learning.

To be successful, teachers must create an environment that is both student-centered and adaptive to the individual needs of their students.

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