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As educational institutions navigate through the ever-evolving health and safety measures following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents have decided to go the homeschooling route. But this leaves them with many questions: What’s the best curriculum?

What types of tools do I need? Can my child keep up with the same level of education they would’ve had in the classroom? In this article, we answer 15 questions to help answer these inquiries and provide an introduction to homeschooling with Spectrum.

1. What is Spectrum Home Schooling?

Spectrum Home Schooling is a complete educational program that is classroom equivalent in all areas of learning, including math, language arts, science, and social studies. It includes a comprehensive online learning platform, online and print instructional materials, an online teacher portal, and real-time support from educational experts — a comprehensive suite of resources designed to empower parents to educate their children from home.

2. Is Spectrum Home Schooling Accredited?

Yes, Spectrum Home Schooling is fully accredited and is recognized and accepted by colleges, universities and employers across the globe. The curriculum is aligned with current standards and guidelines set by the states. As such, it meets the necessary requirements for a fully accredited educational program.

3. What Do I Need to Get Started with Spectrum Home Schooling?

As a parent or guardian, you’ll want to ensure that you have the necessary tools and resources to support your child’s learning. This includes a computer, tablet, or another device that can access the internet, as the instruction and content will be delivered through the online learning platform.

You’ll also need the Spectrum Home Schooling Student Manual and curriculum materials, which can be digitally delivered or printed. Finally, you’ll want to make sure that you have a quiet and dedicated space in the home that meets your child’s learning needs.

4. What Does the Spectrum Online Learning Platform Include?

The Spectrum Online Learning Platform is a comprehensive learning tool that is designed to help students learn, practice, and master all core subject areas. It includes interactive lesson plans, engaging videos and games, progress tracking and reporting, personalized learning paths, and much more. The platform is accessible on any laptop, tablet, or smartphone with internet access, so your child can learn from anywhere.

5. What Types of Instructional Materials are Available?

Spectrum Home Schooling provides both digital and print instructional materials for each course. Digital materials include the spectrum of content that students can access on the online learning platform. Print materials include a Home Schooling Student Manual, along with supplemental worksheets and other optional activities that students can use to supplement their online learning.

6. What Is the Spectrum Online Teacher Portal?

The online teacher portal is an online platform that allows parents to access student reports and performance data, as well as feedback from their student’s online teacher. This helps parents measure student progress, set goals, and create an individualized learning plan for each child.

The portal also provides access to a wide range of resources, such as detailed lesson plans, additional assignments, and advice from experienced teachers.

7. Does My Child Receive Real-Time Support from Educational Experts?

Yes, Spectrum Home Schooling provides real-time support from experienced and certified instructors. The instructors are available via video conference or online chat to provide one-on-one help to students with their assignments, answer any questions they may have, and assist in troubleshooting any technical difficulties they may be having.

8. What Types of Assessments and Reports Are Available?

Spectrum Home Schooling provides extensive progress tracking and assessment capabilities. Students’ progress is tracked through daily quizzes, tests, and assessments, and this data is used to create detailed reports that show student performance over time.

These reports are available to parents and teachers via the Online Teacher Portal.

9. Does Spectrum Home Schooling Provide Educational Material that Follows the Current Standards and Guidelines of the State?

Yes. Spectrum Home Schooling curricula are aligned with current standards and guidelines set by the states.

This ensures that your child’s education is appropriate for their age and learning level and that it meets the necessary requirements for a fully accredited educational program.

10. Can My Child Continue Using the Spectrum Home Schooling Program Even After Completing Their Course of Study?

Yes. Many students who complete the Spectrum Home Schooling program opt to continue using the program as a supplement — to expand their knowledge in a particular area or to review material they learned during the course of their studies. The curriculum includes a wide range of content and activities, so students can continue using the program even after they’ve graduated.

11. Are There Any Additional Resources or Support Environments Available to My Child?

Yes. Spectrum Home Schooling provides an online student community where students can connect with their peers, share progress reports and study tips, participate in group activities, and interact with experienced educators. This platform allows students to have an ongoing dialogue with teachers, share their progress and successes, and receive additional resources and supports that can help further enrich their learning experiences.

12. How Does the Enrollment Process Work?

Getting started with Spectrum Home Schooling is simple and straightforward. After selecting the appropriate program, parents and students will create an account which will allow them to access and manage their course materials, assessments, and reports. Parents can also arrange one-on-one meetings with an educational advisor who will help them customize their child’s learning plan and provide additional resources and support.

13. Are There Any Fees or Costs Associated with Joining Spectrum Home Schooling?

No, there are no hidden fees or costs associated with joining Spectrum Home Schooling. There is a one-time course fee which covers the cost of materials and access to the Online Learning Platform.

14. How Can I Monitor My Child’s Progress?

The Online Teacher Portal provides a comprehensive overview of student progress, and parents can use this information to stay up-to-date on their child’s progress and ensure that they’re meeting their goals. Additionally, Spectrum Home Schooling instructors are available to answer questions and provide real-time guidance and support.

15. Is Spectrum Home Schooling Right for My Child?

With its comprehensive curriculum, experienced educational staff, and innovative online learning platform, Spectrum Home Schooling may be an excellent choice for parents who want to provide their child with a high-quality education that meets their individual needs. By providing the structure and resources necessary for success, Spectrum Home Schooling can help parents ensure their child receives the education they need to succeed in the future.


Spectrum Home Schooling provides parents and students with a comprehensive suite of resources that enables them to access quality learning materials, receive assistants from certified teachers, and track and report student progress. With its streamlined enrollment process, no hidden fees or costs, and an extensive student community, Spectrum Home Schooling is an attractive option for those parents looking to provide their children with the educational resources they need to succeed.

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