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Should Introverts Be Homeschooled

Introverts are typically overshadowed by the extroverts when talking about schooling. Neither has the “better” option more suitable for school, but introverts do have a unique set of requirements when it comes to their educational needs. As such, it begs the question, should introverts be homeschooled?

In this article, we’ll explore the various reasons why and why not introverts should be homeschooled.

What Defines an Introvert

Before we can decide if introverts need to be homeschooled, we have to first define what an introvert is and the general characteristics that define this personality type. An introvert is generally an individual who draws their energy from spending time alone and engaging in self-reflection. They are generally overwhelmed in crowded spaces or when engaging in conversations with more than a couple people.

At their core, they generally prefer to not be the center of attention or have to have long conversations that involve negotiations or conflict resolution. Of course, these are only generalizations and everyone is different.

In fact, the line between introversion and extroversion is not as defined as some people make it out to be. Many introverts can still be social and extroverts can also find peace in alone time.

There are some in-between areas as well where someone can be both a social butterfly and an introvert.

What Makes Homeschooling Suitable for Introverts

The main reason why homeschooling is suitable for introverts is that it provides a much more intimate learning environment. This is extremely applauded by introverts as they get to personalize their learning experience. Not only do they get to learn at their own pace, but they also get to personalize the experience to their own interests and curiosities.

As introverts aren’t as keen on public speaking or large conversation, they don’t have to worry about being put on the spot or having to answer uncomfortable questions. They also won’t have to engage in activities or presentations that make them uncomfortable.

At home, introverts will also find more comfort in spaces where there aren’t many people. This as well includes being able to work in quiet environments where they can truly unlock their full potential.

Should Introverts Be Homeschooled?

Now that we’ve provided an overview of the topic and outlined why homeschooling might be suitable for introverts, it’s time to dive into the main question. Should introverts be homeschooled?

The answer to this question really depends on the individual and what they’re looking to gain. For some, homeschooling might be a great fit as it allows them to explore their interests and not be surrounded by too many people. For others, traditional school settings might be perfect as they can make friends and get used to working with large groups of people.

However, one thing to consider when asking this question is that introverts themselves don’t always want to be homeschooled. It’s not that they don’t want to be in a smaller environment, it’s just that they know how to adjust their own behaviours in order to succeed in larger settings. As such, if an introvert is pushed away from traditional schooling and into a home setting, they might miss out on the opportunity to learn how to adapt their behaviours to traditional classroom environments.

What Are The Benefits of Homeschooling for Introverts?

The main benefit of homeschooling for introverts is that it provides them with a safe space to explore their interests and curiosities. As introverts generally feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable in larger environments, they are able to take those feelings away while they are studying at home.

Homeschooling also allows them to not necessarily conform to the expectations of a traditional classroom. In fact, they don’t have to deal with the same educational standards as most other students. As such, they don’t have to worry about competing in comparison with others.

Finally, homeschooling allows introverts to really take ownership of their learning experience. They get to explore different interests and topics since they are their own teacher.

As such, this gives them the ability to learn that material in a way that resonates best with them.

What Are The Downsides of Homeschooling for Introverts?

One of the main downsides to homeschooling for introverts is that they do miss out on the opportunity to make friends and engage in activities with larger groups of people. Of course, homeschooling does not completely rob introverts of the chance to make friends, but it does limit the chances of them finding like-minded individuals.

It is also important to note that introverts have to be able to really stay on task in order to get the most out of the homeschooling experience. Since they are the teacher, they have to make sure they keep themselves motivated and push through lessons that they might feel overwhelmed by. Finally, homeschooling can also create further tunnel vision in introverts.

As they hide away in their own safe space, they miss out on opportunities to learn in different settings, with different people and within larger conversations.


Ultimately, when it comes to deciding if introverts should be homeschooled, it really depends on the individual. Homeschooling can be beneficial for introverts, but it is important to recognize that the chance of making friends and learning in a new environment is sacrificed when homeschooling is chosen. That being said, if an individual has the discipline and drive to get the most out of their homeschooling experience, it is definitely something to consider.

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