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Is Taiwan The Best Country In Asia

The Island of Taiwan, often referred to as the “Little Giant” of Asia, is an island nation in Asia located off the coast of mainland China, just across the Taiwan Strait. Taiwan has a rich history, dating back hundreds of years, and is considered one of the most economically prosperous nations in Asia. Taiwan is also a major hub of innovation and technology, and many people often ask the question: is Taiwan the best country in Asia?

This article aims to answer that question by examining some of the most well-known aspects of Taiwan’s economy and culture, and compares it to other countries in the region to determine whether Taiwan is indeed the best country in Asia.

Economic Strength

Taiwan has a well-developed economic infrastructure, making it one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. The economy of Taiwan is driven by a highly competitive export sector, which has led to impressive economic growth over the last few decades. In terms of its overall economy, Taiwan is ranked fifth out of the Asia-Pacific countries and 21st in the world.

The country also boasts a well-diversified economy, with industrial production, agricultural produce, and tourism all playing a role in the country’s overall economic health. Taiwan has also created an environment that encourages the development of innovative technology, leading to a well-developed technology sector.

This sector has been responsible for much of the country’s economic growth over the last few years, with companies such as Foxconn, HTC, and Asus making an impact on the international market. Compared to other countries in Asia, Taiwan’s economic strength is among the highest. Singapore, which is widely regarded as an economic powerhouse in the region, is closely behind Taiwan in terms of its economic success.

However, Taiwan is ahead of many other countries in the region, including China and Japan.

Culture and Society

As well as its economic success, Taiwan is also well-known for its culture and society. Taiwan is a multicultural society, with citizens hailing from all over the world, and is home to a diverse range of religions. The country is also well-known for its vibrant nightlife, with cities such as Taipei being popular destinations for tourists from around the world.

Taiwan is also very progressive when it comes to human rights and social issues. The country has openly embraced diversity, and is known for its willingness to accept those from different backgrounds and even those that may be seen as outcasts in other parts of the world.

The LGBT community is one of the most accepted groups in Taiwan, with the country becoming the first in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage. In comparison to other countries in Asia, Taiwan stands out in terms of its culture and society.

Japan and South Korea both have a vibrant and distinctive culture and society, but neither are as progressive as Taiwan when it comes to social issues such as LGBT rights and gender equality.


Taiwan is indeed one of the best countries in Asia, and its successful economy, culture, and society are some of the main reasons why it is so highly regarded. Taiwan’s economic strength is among the highest in the region and its culture and society are among the most progressive.

In comparison to other countries in Asia, Taiwan stands out, making it a strong contender for being the best country in the region. While there are undoubtedly other countries in Asia which can also boast impressive economies and cultural progressiveness, Taiwan remains at the top of the list when it comes to being the best country in Asia.

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