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Is Khan Academy The Best For Maths

Maths is the world’s most widely studied subject. As crucial a part of everyday life, what matters most is learning Maths effectively, efficiently and in a secure environment. This leads to the most important question in education; Is Khan Academy the best approach to learning Maths and why?

What is Khan Academy?

Khan Academy was founded in 2006 and is a non-profit online learning platform designed to provide engaging and interactive tutorials for Maths and a variety of other successful lessons. It offers personalized learning and tailored teaching plans for students who study Maths with its vast library of resources.

Khan academy had more than 100 million registered users in 2019 and with its continuing success in delivering inspiring education for young people across the world, it appears that Khan Academy has been a huge success.

The Benefits of Khan Academy

Khan Academy has been a game-changer in part of its focus on providing quality Education to all. It offers free tutorials that cover almost all topics and concepts of Maths and provide engaging materials such as interactive quizzes, worksheets and videos to help students understand these topics better. Additionally, Khan Academy’s unique approach to Maths education includes personalized learning features such as progression tracking and practice tests that help students understand where they are progressing, as well as encouraging them to keep going and progressing further.

Thanks to these features, students can easily and quickly identify weak points in their knowledge and practice those issues further.

What Are the Challenges?

Although Khan Academy is a great tool for Maths learning, it isn’t perfect, and there are some points of criticism. One of the major and most common complaints of the Khan Academy platform is that it lacks the necessary explainers for concepts that cannot be covered in instructional videos and interactive quizzes. Maths is an ever-growing field of study and therefore requires an authoritative source of information and understanding from experts around the world.

Additionally, as most of Khan Academy’s tutorials are designed for one subject, this doesn’t allow for a well-rounded approach to Maths, as some more complex and advanced concepts require a broader understanding of other Maths topics.

Accessibility of Khan Academy

Khan Academy is now widely accessible to all users, both on desktop and mobile. Its free content is available in many languages, and users can quickly access the contents with easy navigation on the website.

It can also be used as an educational tool in verity of places, as classrooms, extra support and at home. Khan Academy also provides a wide range of mocks, paper-based tests and exercises that can help to asses students’ level of understanding and then move on to the next level.

Flexibility and Quality of Khan Academy

Khan Academy has an immense library of resources, packed with videos, interactive quizzes, and engaging lessons for different level of users. The quality of the contents provided is also remarkable with easy to understand explanations and well-rounded concepts. Last but not least, Khan Academy allows for students to get familiar with a verity of topics, which is helpful both for beginners and the more advanced students.

Khan Academy Maths Versus Other Maths Teaching Tools

Even though Khan Academy stands out on many fronts, it has to compete with other Maths teaching tools as well. One of the most popular alternatives is Google Classroom, which offers more than just Maths learning and can be considered an overall educational tool. Google Classroom focuses more on student-teacher interaction and classrooms activities, making it more suitable for educational institutes and other environment, where there can be an interactive teacher-student base.

On the other hand, Khan Academy is mostly used in the home environment, allowing for a more independent and focused learning. Furthermore, Google Classroom has more of a focus on technology integration and digital teaching, which Khan doesn’t offer at the same level.

Using Khan Academy as Your Primary Maths Learning Tool

Khan Academy can be your primary Maths learning tool as long as you make a good use of it. Khan Academy offers free learning and educational tutorials, which is beneficial for students of all ages and backgrounds. Students can use Khan Academy as their primary Maths learning tool and should find that the interactive and self-paced nature of the platform helps them to rapidly enhance their Maths knowledge.

Moreover, Khan’s free library of resources can help students to learn the basics and more advanced topics in detail, while personalized learning features and tracking options can help students to identify where they are in their progression and adjust their learning accordingly.


In conclusion, Khan Academy is a great learning platform for Maths learning and offers an array of beneficial features for students. The quality and accessibility of the content it has to offer are impressive, as is its flexibility. Khan Academy can be used as your primary Maths learning tool, as important Maths topics can be covered with its vast library of tutorials.

Even though it has competition from other digital learning tools, Khan Academy is still the best option for self-paced, interactive Maths learning.

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