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Is Khan Academy Enough For Homeschool Math

Many parents are opting for homeschooling their children due to the pandemic-related shutdowns and health safety protocols in place. However, teaching math can be a daunting task for many parents, especially if they do not have any expertise in that subject. Khan Academy is a great teaching resource that can help parents supplement their children’s math education.

But is Khan Academy enough for homeschool math?

What is Khan Academy?

Khan Academy is a free online platform that provides pre-recorded video lectures on various topics. It primarily focuses on math and science but also includes other topics like history, English grammar and software programming. Khan Academy offers lessons for learners of all ages, ranging from elementary school courses to Advanced Placement courses.

What Does Khan Academy Offer?

Khan Academy offers a wide range of resources for homeschool math. It provides instructional videos and other materials such as practice questions and quizzes to students.

It also offers “Paths”, which provide students with a systematic approach from basic to advanced math topics. Khan Academy also provides free access to all its resources and students do not need to pay any fee to use it.

How Effective is Khan Academy for Teaching Math?

Khan Academy is a great resource for parents to teach math to their homeschooling kids. The lessons are laid out in an easy to follow format and the videos are well-produced and clear. Khan Academy also offers tools, such as progress tracking, allowing parents to monitor their child’s progress in learning math.

The availability of practice questions and assessments also helps parents assess their child’s progress in math.

Limitations of Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an effective tool, but it is not a replacement for an actual teacher or tutor. Khan Academy’s resources are limited and do not provide the same level of personalized guidance that a teacher or tutor can provide. Khan Academy does not provide any help with homework and the student needs to go the extra mile to find resources for their homework and to improve their understanding of the concepts.

Does Khan Academy Help with Math Anxiety?

Khan Academy can be a great resource for students who struggle with math anxiety. The lessons are broken down into bite-sized portions that make them more manageable for students. Additionally, the self-paced structure of Khan Academy takes away the pressures of assessment that come with regular school teaching.

This helps students to focus on their own individual learning and progress without comparison with their peers.

Is Khan Academy Enough For Homeschool Math?

Overall, Khan Academy can be a great resource for supplementing homeschool math, but it is not enough to be a primary teaching resource. Khan Academy provides helpful video lessons that can help students understand the core concepts of math.

But its resources are limited and ultimately, a student’s learning depends on their individual learning style and levels of motivation. Students should also seek out additional learning resources and get help from tutors or other experts if needed.


Khan Academy can be a great tool for parents to supplement their homeschool math teaching. However, Khan Academy is not a replacement for a teacher or tutor and its resources are limited.

Therefore, it is important for parents to get in-depth understanding of the topics and help their children practice and apply the concepts learnt. If needed, parents should also seek help from outside sources to ensure that their children are getting an effective education.

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