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Is Khan Academy A Credible Source

Khan Academy is an online learning platform that was founded by Salman Khan in 200 It offers free online educational resources and personalized learning support for a range of subjects and topics. Khan Academy is known for its comprehensive and rigorous curriculum, and its resources are increasingly being used by students around the world.

This article attempts to answer the question: is Khan Academy a credible source? Outline 1: Who is Behind Khan Academy?

The founders of Khan Academy are Salman Khan and Shantanu Sinha. Salman Khan is an American educator who started the company out of a personal mission to offer an open platform for educating students in underprivileged countries.

He has a degree in mathematics, electrical engineering, computer science, and economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Shantanu Sinha is the former CEO of a software company called Kosmix and is currently the chief executive officer of Khan Academy. He holds a degree in mathematics and computer science from Stanford University.

Khan Academy has a team of experienced educators, developers, and engineers who work collaboratively to ensure that the quality and efficacy of the curriculum, tools, and resources remain top-notch. The company also works with several major educational organizations, including Google, Apple, and NASA, to develop innovative ways to improve the educational experience.

Outline 2: What Resources Does Khan Academy Provide? Khan Academy offers a wide range of online educational resources, from a library of over 5,000 educational videos and interactive tutorials to personalized learning programs and practice tests. The educational videos are divided into themes such as mathematics, science, economics and finance, history, and art history, among others.

The interactive tutorials allow students to assess their understanding of a particular topic and receive personalized learning recommendations. In addition to its library of video lessons, Khan Academy provides practice tests, assessments, and personalized learning plans, as well as progress tracking and hints. The practice tests are designed to help students assess their knowledge and identify areas of improvement. The assessments are designed to evaluate a student’s understanding of a particular subject, and the personalized learning plans suggest topics and activities based on a student’s learning goals. Outline 3: Is Khan Academy Legitimate? Khan Academy is an accredited institution with an established reputation for providing high-quality educational resources. The Academy is recognized by the National Association of State Directors of Career and Technical Education (NASDCTE) and the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). It has received numerous awards, including the MacArthur Foundation’s “21st Century Learning Initiative” and the Hewlett Foundation’s “Spotlight on Teaching for 21st Century Learners” award. The Academy is also accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), which is the primary accrediting body for colleges and universities in the United States. This indicates that Khan Academy has been evaluated and found to meet the established standards of quality and integrity in online higher education. Khan Academy also provides an extensive library of resources and has invested in developing new technologies to make learning more interactive and engaging. The company is actively involved in researching and developing new methods and approaches to education, such as adaptive learning. Conclusion:


In conclusion, Khan Academy is a credible source of educational resources, with a team of experienced educators and a library of resources designed to help students learn. Its commitment to developing innovative technologies and researching new methods to improve the educational experience has earned the Academy awards, recognition, and accreditation from the National Association of State Directors of Career and Technical Education, the National Association of Independent Schools, and the Higher Learning Commission.

In sum, Khan Academy is a reliable and reputable source of educational resources.

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