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How Much Is Khan Academy Per Month

Khan Academy is one of the most popular websites in the world that offers educational videos, practice exercises, and other learning materials. It is also known as KA and is considered by many to be one of the best online education websites in the world.

Khan Academy is free to use, but there are some additional costs to consider if you are interested in getting the most out of the website. This article will discuss those costs, and how much you should expect to spend per month on Khan Academy.

What is Included in the Free Version of Khan Academy?

Khan Academy is a free educational website with videos, practice exercises, and other learning materials for all ages. The free version of the website does not include any premium content, but it does provide access to thousands of hours of educational content. This includes interactive challenges, tutorials, and practice questions.

The content available on Khan Academy is suitable for students of all levels, including kindergarten through twelfth grade. The website also provides downloadable materials, including lessons, worksheets, and practice activities.

Khan Academy also provides a variety of resources for parents, teachers, and educational professionals.

What are the Additional Costs Associated with Khan Academy?

Khan Academy does offer additional services and materials that come with a cost. These include access to its “Mastery Challenges” and “Math Lab” products. The Mastery Challenges are an online test-taking system that allows students to receive customized feedback and practice.

The Math Lab is a program that offers activities, quizzes, and challenges to help improve math skills. Other services offered on Khan Academy include Tutoring, Mentorships, and Live Scheduling.

All of these products come with additional fees. Khan Academy also has a premium membership option called the “Khan Academy Plus.

” This membership gives users access to thousands of Khan Academy courses, including personalized course recommendations, difficulty ratings, progress tracking, and more. The Plus membership also includes a feature called “Last Night Reviews. ” This allows users to review their work from the previous day as a review for the next day.

The Plus membership is currently priced at $99/month.

What is the Cost for Accessing Khan Academy Courses?

Khan Academy offers various courses in a variety of topics. The topics include math, science, computer science, history, economics, humanities, SAT preparation, and more. These courses are available for free, but some may have additional costs associated with them.

Khan Academy does not charge for its courses, but some courses may require materials such as textbooks, workbooks, DVDs, software, or other materials. Additionally, some courses may also require a fee for completion certificates or other services.

What are the Fees Associated with Khan Academy Tutoring Services?

Khan Academy offers both tutoring services and mentorship programs. The tutoring services and mentorship programs are both available on a per month basis. Tutoring and mentorships are both provided through professional tutors and mentors who are experienced in the subject they are teaching.

Khan Academy tutoring services start at $15/hour, while mentorships cost an average of $20/hour.

What Other Fees Should I be Aware of?

Khan Academy also offers a range of additional services. These include test prep, SAT/ACT prep, math challenge books, and more. All of these services have additional fees associated with them, so it is important to research these costs before signing up for any services.

Additionally, Khan Academy does sometimes offer discounts and promotions for its services, so it is always worth checking to see if any discounts are available.


Khan Academy is a great, free educational resource with thousands of hours of learning materials. However, it also offers a range of additional services and materials that come with extra costs. Additionally, some courses may require additional fees, such as fees for completion certificates or fees for materials like textbooks, workbooks, and DVDs.

Khan Academy also offers tutoring and mentorship services, which start at $15/hour and $20/hour respectively. Finally, Khan Academy also offers a range of additional test-prep services with varying fees.

The exact cost of using Khan Academy will depend on what services and materials you choose to use.

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