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How Much Does Khan Academy Homeschool Cost

The cost of homeschooling is an important consideration for families who would like to provide their children with a quality education while not breaking the bank. Many families are weighing the cost of traditional schooling against the cost of homeschooling.

There are several factors that can determine the cost of homeschooling such as curriculum, materials, and technology. The cost of Khan Academy Homeschool, the popular online homeschooling program, is an important factor for families looking for an online alternative to more traditional educational options. Let’s take a look at how much Khan Academy Homeschool costs and what is included.

1. Initial Cost

The initial cost of Khan Academy Homeschool can vary depending on the specific plan you choose. For the basic plan, there is no cost to sign up and create a student profile. This plan provides you with access to the Khan Academy library of lessons, activities, and videos.

However, it does not include personalized assessment, tailored learning plans, or other features and benefits of the premium plan. The premium plan costs $99 per year and includes the customized learning plans, 100+ personalized teaching resources, and progress monitoring for one student.

For families with more than one student, additional fees apply for each student. For example, two students cost $199 per year, three students cost $289 per year, and four or more students cost $359 per year.

All Khan Academy Homeschool plans come with a free two-week trial period.

2. Additional Material Costs

Khan Academy Homeschool does not include the cost of additional materials you may need for the learning process. Things such as paper, pens, markers, and other art supplies come at an additional cost.

If you choose to use books or other reading materials, those will come with a separate cost as well. The cost of these materials can vary greatly depending on where and what you purchase, so it is important to factor this into your budget plans.

3. Technology Costs

If you decide to take advantage of the many features of the Khan Academy Homeschool platform, you will need to ensure that your family has access to the appropriate technology. You will need a reliable internet connection, along with either a desktop or laptop computer and a web browser. If you wish to use mobile devices, then you will need access to devices that are compatible with the Khan Academy platform.

In addition, you will need access to reliable hardware and software for your family’s needs. This includes devices such as a printer, scanner, and digital camera, as well as a word processor for writing projects.

Khan Academy also recommends access to a drawing tablet and design software such as Adobe Photoshop. Finally, other technology costs can include subscriptions, such as those for online coding and programming classes.

4. Time Investment

Just like with traditional schooling, homeschooling requires time. There is time spent researching and purchasing curriculum, as well as time spent teaching and facilitating learning. With Khan Academy Homeschool, parents are still heavily involved with their child’s learning process and are responsible for guiding their child and providing support, encouragement, and feedback.

Parents also need to dedicate time to managing paperwork, such as curriculum and lesson plans, attendance records, transcripts, and evaluations. Finally, Khan Academy Homeschool requires that parents and students set aside blocks of time for learning, usually an hour or two a day, depending on the student’s grade level.

5. Homeschooling Support

Khan Academy Homeschool offers parents a variety of resources to help guide them through the homeschooling process. This includes assessments, curriculum and lesson plans, activities, and trackers to help parents and students stay organized. The program also includes live webinars and email support for technical assistance.

Khan Academy also provides access to a community space called the Khan Academy Homeschool Network, which includes a forum, message boards, and a blog. This space is a great place for families to connect with other homeschoolers and get advice, support, and inspiration.

6. Socialization Benefits

Despite the cost of homeschooling, one of the biggest draws is the opportunities for socialization that it provides. Khan Academy Homeschool makes it possible for students to connect with other students in a safe and supportive environment. Through the network and forums, families can create local or virtual learning communities and participate in fun activities with other students.

In addition, Khan Academy has partnered with several organizations to provide students with opportunities to learn real-world skills through mentorship programs, such as programming or image editing tutorials or career mentorship. These programs offer students the chance to collaborate with professionals in their field and gain valuable experience.

7. Educational Benefits

Khan Academy Homeschool remains focused on providing a quality educational experience. As part of the premium plan, students gain access to personalized learning plans, assessments, progress monitoring, and more.

These features ensure that students’ educational goals are met and that students are learning the right material at their own pace. Furthermore, Khan Academy Homeschool is aligned with Common Core standards and up-to-date with the latest educational trends. This makes it easier for students to transition to traditional schools if they choose to down the line.

8. Financial Assistance

Khan Academy has various programs to help make homeschooling more affordable for families in need. For families that qualify for free or reduced lunch, their premium plan cost can be reduced or waived. Furthermore, families can apply for an annual sponsorship to receive a free premium plan for one student.

9. Verifying Progress

Khan Academy Homeschool provides numerous ways to track and monitor a student’s progress. Through assessment and progress tracking, parents can gauge how their child is doing in a particular subject or area.

They can also see detailed information on the topics their child is studying or the lessons they have completed.

10. Extra-Curricular Activities

It can often be challenging to provide extra-curricular activities for homeschoolers without breaking the bank. However, Khan Academy Homeschool gives parents the opportunity to explore different options.

Through Khan Academy’s partnerships, students have access to streaming technology and coding classes, career mentorship programs, and more. These can help to supplement their education and provide a more comprehensive learning experience.

11. Access to Technology

Technology can be a huge asset in facilitating a quality homeschooling experience, and Khan Academy Homeschool is ahead of the game. The platform offers access to a variety of technology to create interactive lessons, track progress, and engage with other homeschoolers. Access to this technology can save parents from having to purchase their own hardware and software and can help reduce the overall cost of homeschooling.

12. Variety of Learning Options

Khan Academy Homeschool offers a variety of options for learning. From traditional lessons and activities to real-world experiences and mentorship programs, students have access to a variety of opportunities to learn and grow. This helps ensure that students are getting a well-rounded education and preparing them for college and career.

13. Flexibility

Can Academy Homeschool is designed in such a way that it allows students to work at their own pace, on their own schedule. This can be especially beneficial for families who have students with different learning styles or students with different interests.

Khan Academy Homeschool gives students the freedom to explore different topics and delve into subjects and activities that are interesting to them.


Khan Academy Homeschool can be a great option for families looking for an affordable, comprehensive, and flexible homeschooling experience. While the initial cost and additional fees can seem daunting, there are many benefits that can make it a worthwhile investment. Khan Academy Homeschool offers personalized plans, progress tracking, socialization opportunities, and more.

With the variety of resources and technology that Khan Academy offers, families can be confident that their children are receiving a quality education.

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