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How Do You Make A Kids Art Kit

Making your own art kit for kids can be a great way to inspire and fuel their creativity. A wide range of materials and age-appropriate tools should be chosen to make sure the kids have plenty of fun with their kit and craft activities. Here are the steps for making your own kids art kit.

Choose the Essentials for Kids Art Kit

A basic kids art kit should contain various types of art supplies like crayons, markers, papers and scissors, as well as other materials such as construction paper, glue, and colored pencils. Of course, it will also depend on their age group, but generally, all of these should be included.

For younger children, age-appropriate playdough, and crafty items like pipe cleaners and googly eyes would be helpful. Older children may need more advanced tools like paintbrushes and water colors, depending on the type of artwork they want to do. Be sure to check the safety of each item beforehand, or try to use non-toxic alternatives.

Find Inspiration

Let the kids select their favorite colors and artwork theme when making their art kit. This could be anything from a safari adventure to a princess theme.

Talk to them and based on their choices, incorporate colors, patterns, and materials that are specific to their chosen theme. Books, magazines, and online resources are great for finding art inspiration for these themes, as well as new and exciting ideas. Plus, if you let the kids tell you what they want, it can help them become more invested in their art kit’s making.

Gather the Materials

Once the inspiration is in motion, go ahead and gather the materials together. For those who have a lot of materials already, simply sort them into an organized system. Store all the tools in see-through containers that are labeled correctly and make sure they’re easily accessible to the kids.

Choose a container that is large enough to store all of the materials and supplies they’ll need. Alternatively, choose fewer items to fit in a smaller container if they kids prefer to travel with their art kit.

Make Everything Easily Accessible

Try to avoid throwing everything into the art kit. Instead, think about how the kids should access the items. Birthday candles and decorations, for instance, should be tucked away to make sure kids don’t mistakenly use them for their artwork.

As for the painting supplies, make sure to arrange them appropriately. For example, let the water colors and organizers go into one compartment.

This not only keeps the kit tidy but it also allows the kids to easily and quickly grab what they need.

Choose the Right Art Formula

Consider the factors of the environment where kids would be making their art. For example, in an outdoorsy setting, water colors and color pencils must be in the art kit.

That said, including acrylic paints, paint brushes and palette knives in your kit is a must when considering taking it outdoors. Most importantly, always make sure to have a tube of sunscreen, insect repellent, and other necessary items in the kit.

Include a Variety of Papers

Papers play a very important role when putting together any kind of craft activity. It’s important to include different textures and colors, such as card stock, Sketch paper, and water color paper.

While colored paper may seem like an obvious, it is especially great for developing perfect paper-crafts, such as scrapbooking. For more advanced kids, more specialized paper such as canvas, archival prints, and graphite transfer sheets can work well too.

Organizing Art Kits for Portability

Kids love to take their supplies and artwork on the go, which often means organizing art kits for portability. For younger kids, boxes and trays designed for kids to carry can work well. On the other hand, if making a more portable kit for older kids, consider using containers or backpacks to transport the supplies safely.

Again, opt for those see-through containers to make it easier for the kids to see which item they need. Compact packaging is an easy way to let the kids bring their supplies anywhere they like.

Let Kids Inspire The Crafting Ideas

Taking the time to brainstorm crafting ideas with the kids will help to make them more creative with their art kit. Ask the kids to share their ideas and discuss the different types of artworks they like. Additionally, look through magazines and books to find new ideas that can inspire the kids to work them into their kit.

Art should be something that’s enjoyable for the kids, so having entertaining ideas in their kit can be great for this.

Include Necessary Safety Items

When making a kids art kit, include different safety items such as goggles and smock which can help protect the kids’ hands, clothes, and eyes while they’re crafting. Furthermore, having a first-aid kit should also be included to help with minor wounds and accidents. Finally, it’s essential to throw out any supplies that have been used up or aren’t working anymore to ensure the safety of the kids.

Put Everything Into The Kit

Once everything has been collected and organized properly, it’s time to assemble the kit. Before putting everything into the kit, make sure to iron out any creases from the wrapping paper and check that the scissors are sharp and safe enough for the kids to use.

Store the supplies in separate compartments accordingly, and make sure to test them out to ensure the supplies work correctly.


Making your own art kits for kids can be a great way to encourage creativity and help them make some amazing artwork. Start by gathering the essential items, such as crayons, markers and papers, as well as other supplies such as glue and construction paper.

Moreover, find inspiration by asking the kids what they like and arranging the supplies accordingly. Finally, include safety items like goggles and smock, and put everything in the kit to make sure it’s organised and safe. With these steps, you can make your own unique art kit for the kids and provide them with a range of creative activities.

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