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How Do I Set Up An Art Room For Kids

Creating a fun and engaging art room for kids is an essential way to introduce them to the world of art and help them to develop their creative skills. An art room is the perfect place to let their imagination run wild and give them an outlet to express themselves and build self-confidence.

Whether you’re creating a dedicated art room or just want to set up a fun corner for kids to enjoy, here’s what you need to set up the perfect art room for kids.

Define the Space

Before doing anything else, it’s important to define the art room space according to its purpose. If you have the luxury of space and can set up a dedicated room, pick a room that’s well-lit and, preferably, filled with natural light. If you don’t have the luxury of a dedicated art room, try to create a corner somewhere that would ideally have the same qualities as a dedicated art room.

Regardless of the size of the space available, make sure you create a welcoming area that will inspire young ones to explore their creative side.

Invest in Lighting

Good lighting is essential to creating the perfect atmosphere in an art room. Natural light is best and the more you can invest in light fixtures to illuminate the space, the better. Long-lasting LED bulbs should be your go-to and the brightness should be adjustable to create the perfect atmosphere.

You could easily incorporate a few picture lights in the art room to add some extra ambiance.

Choose a Color Palette

When it comes to decorating an art room, always think about selecting a color palette. A color palette can help create the perfect atmosphere for a child’s creativity to shine through. When selecting a color palette for the art room, always remember to opt for calming tones rather than the more vibrant ones.

Neutral colors like whites and greys are always a great option, as well as pastels, which are perfect for a kid’s room.

Invest in Furniture

When it comes to setting up an art room, it’s essential to think about investing in kid-friendly furniture. The table and chairs should be adjustable as kids grow up and they should also be appropriately sized to ensure that they don’t feel overwhelmed by them. It’s also wise to purchase furniture that’s durable and easy to clean – markers can be quite finicky!

Provide Suitable Storage Solutions

Staying organized is essential for an art room, so it’s important to provide adequate storage solutions. This can be achieved simply by investing in baskets and containers in order to keep art materials like paper, pencils, crayons and paint organized.

Over the door organizers are also great to hold all the art supplies.

Think About Safety

No matter what the age of the kids, safety should always be your number one priority when setting up an art room. This means investing in kid-friendly and safe materials, such as non-toxic paints and washable markers. You also need to ensure that any surfaces that aren’t meant to be inked or drawn on are covered or hidden.

All materials should also be stored away to ensure they aren’t a danger to young children.

Decorate with Artwork

The most important feature in an art room should be art itself! Investing in artwork is the perfect way to decorate and inspire young children to be more creative. You can hang some of your kid’s work, as well as other artwork from famous artists to inspire and motivate your child to be more creative.

Incorporate Visual Stimulation

Young children learn best when given visual stimulation, so make sure to incorporate plenty of it in the art room. This could be anything from stuffed animals and photos to paintings and color swatches. Use colors and textures to create the perfect atmosphere and make sure that the room doesn’t look too sterile or boring.

Enhance with Scents

When designing an art room, don’t forget to pay attention to the sense of smell as well. Studies have proven that certain scents tend to make people more creative, so invest in a diffuser and incorporate your favorite scent into the room.

Add Some Playful Accessories

Make sure to add some playful accessories to the art room. This could be anything from rugs, colorful lights and beanbags to create the perfect atmosphere of a cozy art studio. Bean bags are especially important as they serve as the perfect place for the little ones to get comfortable and relax while creating art.

Create a Comfortable Work Area

In an art room, comfortable work areas are essential. Apart from the beanbags, incorporate adjustable chairs and stools. Make sure the chairs and stools are of comfortable height for the child so that they don’t strain their neck and their backs while working.

Don’t Forget to Display the Artwork

It is all well and good to create the perfect art room, but it won’t be complete without the artwork. Invest in some wall frames and displays to showcase the work the kids have produced.

This will not only make the art room look great, but also give the kids motivation to keep creating.


Creating a fun and inspiring art room for kids can be a tricky but rewarding task. By following the tips outlined above, you can create the perfect art room for your child to explore their creativity and have fun.

Remember to make safety the number one priority and provide ample space for artistic growth and development. Good luck!

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