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Does Harvard Accept Homeschoolers

Homeschooling has experienced a rapid increase in popularity due to the advent of new platforms and methods of learning that make it easier for homeschoolers to fit in socially with traditional students. This has led many parents to consider homeschooling as an educational option, with some even wondering whether Harvard accepts homeschoolers. After all, Harvard is often regarded one of the most prestigious and elite universities in the world.

In this article, we will take a look at the different aspects that determine whether Harvard may accept homeschoolers and discuss the strategies that homeschoolers may apply when applying to the prestigious university.

Harvard’s Stance on Homeschoolers

The short answer is yes, Harvard does accept homeschoolers. In fact, the admissions team at Harvard is committed to supporting homeschoolers in their journey to the university. The university recognizes homeschooling as part of the educational landscape in America today and sees its potential in providing students with an opportunity to learn and grow.

Harvard provides numerous resources to help homeschoolers prepare their applications and make sure they demonstrate their capacity to the university. The university encourages homeschoolers to use theCommon Application, which asks applicants whether they have been homeschooled.

It also allows applicants to submit additional materials that support their home education. However, it is important to note that Harvard does not require any specific course-list for homeschoolers.

As long as applicants have challenged themselves and demonstrated a commitment to their education, the university will consider thier application regardless of their educational backgrounds. Applicants are also required to take the SAT or ACT, which are standardized tests that evaluate academic abilities. Given that Harvard requires an extensive application process, homeschoolers should also familiarize themselves with how to put together a strong application.

Homeschoolers should understand that Harvard is looking for well-rounded students who have taken advantage of challenging opportunities and have a demonstrated their commitment to their education through strong academic performance and meaningful extracurricular activities.

Strategies Homeschoolers Can Utilize

Homeschoolers can use the following strategies to help them prepare a successful application to Harvard:First, homeschoolers should start preparing for the SAT or ACT as early as possible. The admissions committee at Harvard pays a lot of attention to the standardized test score, as it is a major factor in assessing applicants’ academic preparedness for the university. Second, homeschoolers should present the university with a rigorous course list.

Although Harvard does not require any particular courses from homeschoolers, they may benefit from doing courses that the university considers to be important for a student’s long-term success. Some courses that may be beneficial for homeschoolers include advanced math, computer programming, foreign language, and AP classes, depending on the individual learning style.

Third, homeschoolers should also prepare a portfolio to showcase their portfolio. This portfolio may include any academic, artistic, or extracurricular projects that they have worked on throughout their homeschooling journey. For example, homeschoolers may include essays, publications in the press, awards and honors, or even projects they have worked on independently.

This can help demonstrate the homeschooler’s commitment to learning throughout their education. Finally, homeschoolers should also demonstrate their engagement in the community.

In addition to submitting a portfolio, applicants can also submit an additional essay that demonstrates any long-term volunteer or service projects in which the homeschooler has been involved. Homeschoolers can also participate in online courses or groups and reach out to mentors who can help them with the application process.


In conclusion, Harvard is committed to supporting homeschoolers and welcomes their applications. While it is important to show the admissions committee at Harvard that the applicant has a rigorous academic background and has challenged themselves during their homeschooling experience, the university also considers all aspects of an applicant and encourages homeschoolers to demonstrate their commitment to their education through strong extracurricular activities.

Moreover, it is beneficial for homeschoolers to start planning ahead by taking courses that the university considers important, preparing a portfolio, and engaging with their communities in order to increase their chances of getting accepted.

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