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Does Harvard Accept Homeschooled

Home-schooling is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, but what about the leading universities of the world like Harvard? Is Harvard that is one of the top Ivy League universities prepared to take in students who were taught at home instead of in school? Let’s find out.

What is Home-schooling?

Home-schooling is a form of teaching and education taking place at home arranged by parents instead of sending their children to school. Home-schooling allows parents to essentially create an individual educational plan for their children and decide which curricula to use and which type of testing to take. Home-schooling has become quite popular over the last few years and has gained significant attention.

What are the Benefits of Home-schooling?

There are a number of benefits to home-schooling that make this educational approach advantageous for those who choose it. One of the main benefits of home-schooling is that parents and children are in charge of their own educational experience. They can decide their own pace and the subjects to focus on.

Furthermore, children who are home-schooled are able to control their own environment, making it easier for them to focus and study. They are also able to work during their leisure time, and family is always near.

This creates strong family bonds which can have positive long-term effects on the well-being of the children.

What Types of People Home-school?

Home-schooling is practiced by different families for different reasons. Some parents prefer to home-school their children to protect them from negative influences they may find in schools, while others believe that they can provide better education and better control of the environment at home.

There are also families who cannot afford to enroll their children in private schools, so they opt for home-schooling instead. Moreover, some parents decide to home-school their children when they are forced to travel frequently.

Does Harvard Accept Homeschoolers?

Harvard is one of the most prestigious universities in the world, so its admissions criteria must be met in order for candidates to be considered. The main admissions criteria are that candidates must demonstrate a history of academic excellence and demonstrate the potential for future success. In regard to homeschooling, Harvard does entertain applicants that were home-schooled as long as all other criteria have been met.

However, it is important to point out that being home-schooled does not guarantee that a student can get accepted at Harvard. In fact, admission to the university is highly competitive and there are certain requirements that home-schooled students must follow.

These include fulfilling the required high school course rigor while more challenging courses must be taken to increase the chances of getting accepted at Harvard. Harvard also looks into home-schooled applicants’ portfolio – that is, their transcript and other documents such as a list of courses taken, test scores, essays and letters of recommendation, and other things that can prove and demonstrate an applicant’s excellence in academics. Additionally, Harvard recommends that students get involved and take part in extracurricular activities to enhance their profile.

What Did We Learn?

To sum up, it is clear that Harvard considers applicants who have been home-schooled for their admission. Acceptance of home-schooled applicants does not guarantee admission to Harvard, and there are certain requirements that home-schooled applicants need to comply in order to get accepted.

These include the completion of high-level courses, and other documents that can prove an applicant’s excellence in academics and potential for success. Moreover, Harvard encourages applicants who have been home-schooled to take part in extra-curricular activities to increase their chances of being accepted.


All in all, it is clear that Harvard does consider applications from home-schooled applicants. Harvard has certain criteria that need to be met, and home-schooled applicants have to be highly competitive and have the necessary documents to prove their diligence in academics.

Furthermore, extracurricular activities are highly recommended for home-schooled applicants to boost their profile.

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