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Does Germany Allow Homeschooling

As many do not know, homeschooling, the educational choice in which parents or guardians elect to provide instruction to their children in their home or online, is widely available in Germany. Although the educational system in Germany typically focuses on public education, homeschooling has been around for a while now in Germany and has even been recognized by the courts.

Despite this, some laws are implemented around homeschooling in the country. This article will answer some frequently asked questions about homeschooling in Germany.

1. What is the History of Homeschooling in Germany?

Homeschooling in Germany has been around since the late 1960s, when parents started to feel dissatisfied with the lack of control they had over their children’s education. A few organized home education groups sprung up throughout the country, and soon the legal framework for homeschooling in Germany was being considered. For the most part, homeschooling was tolerated, and even accepted, until state interference began to increase in the late 1990s.

This increased state interference included stricter guidelines from the government on how to maintain records, bank accounts, and the curriculum for homeschooling families. Around the same time, German schools began to impose a “leistungsfähigred” rule, which required certain students to maintain certain academic performance scores throughout their school career, which directed even more strictly from the government in the homeschool movement.

2. What are the Current Laws around Homeschooling in Germany?

Currently, homeschooling is allowed in Germany, although there are some restrictions. The parents or guardians of a homeschooling student need to be certified by the Ministry of Education in their region, and the homeschooling program must be approved by the school district.

Homeschooling may also be supervised by a qualified teacher, approved by the Ministry of Education. Other laws around homeschooling in Germany include ensuring that the homeschooling student is tested in the same curriculum as public school students, and that the homeschooling program is registered in compliance with German law. Additionally, homeschoolers are required to keep a log of their activities and submit it to the relevant authorities if requested.

3. Are Homeschoolers Allowed to Participate in Sports?

Yes, homeschoolers in Germany are allowed to participate in sports. The German Sports Federation states that homeschoolers are allowed to join its clubs, as long as they provide the required documents. Homeschoolers may also participate in national sports clubs, as long as they meet the eligibility criteria set forth by the German sports federation.

4. Are Homeschoolers Allowed to Take Part in National Competitions and Exams?

Yes, homeschoolers in Germany are allowed to take part in national competitions and exams. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research states that homeschoolers can take part in the same national competitions and exams as their public school counterparts, as long as they meet the eligibility criteria and submit the required documents.

5. Are there Any Special Education Services for Homeschoolers in Germany?

Yes, there are special education services for homeschoolers in Germany. The local education authority can arrange for special teaching services to support homeschoolers in their studies, as well as offer financial assistance for teaching materials and study materials.

Additionally, some support may be available for homeschooling parents, such as advice and counseling, legal aid, and advice on curriculum and methods.

6. Are There Job Opportunities for Homeschoolers in Germany?

Yes, there are job opportunities for homeschoolers in Germany. Homeschooling is becoming more accepted in the country, and there are many companies and organizations that now offer employment opportunities for homeschoolers.

Homeschoolers can also pursue entrepreneurial or freelance work, or participate in online or virtual work.

7. Is Homeschooling Free in Germany?

No, homeschooling is not free in Germany. The local education authority may provide some financial support for homeschoolers, but for the most part, homeschoolers are responsible for their own expenses.

This includes purchasing materials and resources, paying for tuition or other services such as private tutoring or online courses.

8. Is there a Special Curriculum for Homeschoolers in Germany?

No, there is not a special curriculum for homeschoolers in Germany. Homeschoolers may follow any curriculum they choose, as long as they abide by the laws and regulations set forth by the Ministry of Education. Homeschoolers may develop their own curriculum or purchase a curriculum from a private provider.

9. Are There any Homeschooling Support Groups in Germany?

Yes, there are many homeschooling support groups in Germany. These groups provide resources and advice to homeschoolers, as well as organize events, provide informal learning opportunities, and discuss legal issues related to homeschooling.

10. Do Homeschoolers Need to Follow the Public Education Curriculum?

No, homeschoolers do not need to follow the public education curriculum. Homeschoolers are allowed to follow any curriculum they choose, as long as it meets the requirements and regulations set forth by the Ministry of Education.

11. Are Homeschoolers Required to Follow Up With Education Authorities on Progress?

Yes, homeschoolers are required to inform their local education authorities of their progress. Homeschoolers may be required to submit their student records and progress reports to the local education authorities regularly, or upon request.

12. Does Germany Allow Special Homeschooling Training?

Yes, Germany allows special homeschooling training. Education authorities in Germany may offer special training programs for homeschoolers, in addition to other educational opportunities, such as after-school programs.

13. Are Homeschoolers in Germany Eligible for College Scholarships?

Yes, homeschoolers in Germany are eligible for college scholarships. Many universities offer scholarships to homeschoolers, as long as they complete the required documentation and meet the eligibility criteria.

14. Are Homeschoolers Required to Pay Taxes in Germany?

No, homeschoolers in Germany are not required to pay taxes. Homeschoolers are exempt from income tax in Germany, but may be required to pay social security taxes.

15. Is Homeschooling Recognized as an Official Education Choice in Germany?

Yes, homeschooling is recognized as an official education choice in Germany. German courts have recognized homeschooling as an official educational option, and homeschoolers are protected by the German constitution and educational laws.


Homeschooling in Germany is allowed and is recognized as an official education choice. German courts have acknowledged homeschooling as a viable education option, and the law requires homeschoolers to meet certain requirements and regulations.

Parents or guardians must ensure that the homeschooling program complies with the laws and educate students in the same test curriculum as public school students. Homeschoolers in Germany are eligible for college scholarships, and although homeschooling isn’t free in Germany, homeschoolers may receive some financial assistance from the local education authority.

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