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Does China Have Homeschooling

Homeschooling is a rising alternative form of education, with much discussion about its many benefits for both parents and children. For China, an economy transforming rapidly and becoming ever more competitive, the subject of homeschooling is of particularly great interest.

With a brief overview of the current practices of homeschooling in China, we answer the question – Does China have homeschooling?

What is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is an alternative form of education designed to give primary and secondary-level students an individualized education tailored to their own particular needs. This usually involves parents or teachers teaching out of the home, but in a non-traditional setting—not related to an accredited school.

Homeschooling parents and teachers provide education either at home, or in community classrooms, cooperatives and other shared learning environments. In homeschooling, the level of parent participation varies greatly. Some parents are full-time educators, while others may provide part-time assistance.

A common reason for homeschooling is to provide children with a personalized and more flexible learning environment, which may be more appropriate for their individual aptitude, personalities, and talents.

Are Homeschooling Programs Available in China?

Homeschooling programs are available for Chinese citizens in various cities, with the highest concentration of programs located in southern China. These homeschooling offerings usually include Chinese curriculum and tutoring services offered online and in person.

Many Chinese citizens who opt for homeschooling programs also travel to international destinations to access homeschooling options, with the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK as the most popular destinations. Some Chinese families travel to international destinations specifically to access homeschooling options. This is often done with full support from the Chinese government, which provides financial assistance, or scholarship programs, or even subsidies for those Chinese citizens enrolling in homeschooling programs abroad.

The Chinese government is willing to support those who volunteer for homeschooling due to the successful results in past programs.

What Given Homeschooling’s Popularity, Has China Been Able to Develop a Homeschooling System?

China has developed a system of homeschooling in its modern era, but the government does not recognize homeschooling as an alternative to traditional education. Homeschooling is strictly forbidden for children and adolescents in China, and there are laws in place to ensure that citizens are aware of this. However, there are some exceptions to this rule—some families have managed to establish homeschooling operations independently.

Homeschooling programs in China must be approved by the government, and parents must obtain permission from a local school or the local education bureau before enrolling in homeschooling programs. The approval process usually involves an extensive application process, and if approved, the homeschooling is conducted under the supervision of local and regional authorities.

In spite of the strict regulations, there are still some families, who, despite potential repercussions, prefer to homeschool their children in order to provide them with a more personalized education. These families may seek out

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