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Admission to NYU is a highly competitive process that requires prospective students to have excellent academic credentials, a challenging high school program, and an impressive series of extracurricular activities. Homeschoolers have an advantage as they are able to create their own curriculum and select activities to demonstrate their interests and talents. With this flexibility, homeschoolers can create customized curriculums that demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

NYU welcomes applications from homeschoolers and recognizes that this population provides creativity and unique perspectives to its student body.

Evaluating Homeschoolers

NYU evaluates homeschooled applicants compared to traditionally schooled applicants, although slight differences exist between the two groups. Homeschoolers must submit evidence of their coursework, grades, and curriculum.

This evidence must be verifiable, such as transcripts or coursework evaluations. Additionally, NYU favors those applicants who have pursued a demanding course load that has adequately prepared them for college. It is important that applicants demonstrate their ability to manage high school coursework.

NYU also evaluates the recommendation letters and essays of homeschoolers. These elements are important measures of an applicant’s writing and research ability, as well as their understanding of their own learning style.

Evidence of autonomy, which comes with homeschooling, is extremely valuable for NYU admissions. It is important for those applying to NYU to demonstrate the ability to create their own curriculum, search for resources, and pursue the activities that align with their educational and professional goals.

New York State Homeschool Requirement

In New York State, homeschooled students are required to complete the same amount of schoolwork and take the same number of tests as students attending traditional schools. Additionally, a homeschool program must be supervised by a New York State certified teacher, and the student must receive grades and have documentation of the same. The completion of a yearly standardized test to measure academic progress, or an equivalent assessment, is also mandatory.

This data must be submitted to the New York State Education Department by the parent or guardian. Meeting these requirements demonstrates to NYU that the homeschooled student has successfully completed high school and is prepared for college-level work.

Acceptance Rate for Homeschoolers

For the 2019-2020 Academic Year, the acceptance rate for NYC homeschoolers at NYU was approximately 20%. This rate suggests that homeschooled applicants can compete for admission to NYU just as successfully as their traditionally schooled peers.

Testing Requirements and Scores of Homeschoolers Admitted to NYU

Homeschooled applicants to NYU must demonstrate their academic excellence by submitting official SAT and ACT scores. They must also submit an SAT Subject test if the subject was part of their homeschool curriculum. On average, applicants apply to NYU with an SAT score of 1500+ and an ACT score of 30+ in order to have a competitive chance of acceptance.

Extracurricular Activities of Homeschoolers Admitted to NYU

Extracurricular activities are also a factor in NYU’s evaluation of homeschooled applicants. Such activities demonstrate dedication, commitment, and a sense of purpose. Homeschoolers admitted to NYU were involved in various extracurriculars such as community service projects, volunteering, student government, and other leadership roles.

In addition, although NYU does not require extracurricular activities to gain admission, pursuing meaningful pursuits beyond the classroom is recommended.

What NYU Looks for in a Homeschooled Applicant

NYU looks for homeschooled applicants who have excelled academically and have taken the initiative to create their own opportunities and experiences. Such applicants have the potential to bring tremendous value to the NYU community. NYU values applicants who are creative, involved, independent, and ambitious.

Such applicants showed an ability to think outside the box in creating their own curriculum, pursuing activities, and taking advantage of the self-discipline required of a homeschooler.

Preparing Homeschoolers for College

Homeschoolers should plan ahead to gain admission to colleges such as NYU. They should think about the type of college experience they desire and the activities, courses, and experiences that can fulfill their academic and career goals. Planning for college should begin early, with a list of goals, choices for course equivalents, and eventual course selections that show the student’s true academic interest and promise.

Taking courses via online learning, attending summer academic programs, and becoming involved in clubs and opportunities for leadership and travel can be beneficial for future homeschooled college applicants.

When to Apply to NYU

New York University has two admissions deadlines–regular decision and early decision. For those interested in attending NYU, the earlier the application is completed, the better the chance of acceptance.

In addition, it is important to meet any application deadlines and to provide all required documents and information in order to be considered.


Homeschoolers can be as successful as traditionally schooled students in gaining admission to NYU. Homeschoolers must demonstrate their autonomy, mastery of coursework, and commitment to extracurricular activities in order to have a competitive chance of gaining admission to NYU. With adequate preparation, planning, and preparation, homeschoolers can put forth a strong application to NYU and compete for admission just as successfully as their traditionally schooled peers.

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