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Can A Full Time Working Mom Homeschool

While homeschooling a child involves a heavy time commitment, it’s entirely possible for a full-time working mom to pull it off. With the right combination of discipline and organizational skills, a mom who works full-time can manage to homeschool her child and provide him or her with a quality education.

This article will explore the benefits of homeschooling, how moms can fit it into their work schedule, and the tips and tricks that can help make this arrangement run seamlessly.

The Benefits of Homeschooling for Full-Time Working Moms

Though there are some extra demands to juggling a full-time job and homeschooling, there are numerous ways that homeschooling can help make the process easier for moms. First, a flexible homeschooling schedule can provide plenty of opportunity for a mom to spend quality time with her child while also maintaining her job’s demanding workload.

Additionally, one of the great benefits of homeschooling is that it offers parents the opportunity to teach their children according to their own values, religious beliefs and culture; something that a full-time working mom may not have been able to do with a traditional school setting. Furthermore, the tailored, one-on-one approach that comes with homeschooling can offer unique academic advantages that a traditional schooling setting may not be able to provide.

Making Homeschooling Work While Working full time

When a working mom decides to homeschool her child, a key question becomes – how can a working mom possibly fit homeschooling into an already-packed schedule? The secret lies in simple organization.

Many moms swear by a system of planners and calendars, which can help a mom plan her day, week and month accordingly. Setting aside a particular time for homeschooling and sticking to a posted schedule will help a mom stay on task and allow her to stay on top of work commitments. Additionally, cutting out distractions from her day can help keep the focus on getting homeschooling done.

It’s also important for a mom to make sure she takes breaks throughout the day and build in time to relax so that she can stay focused and on task.

Tips and Tricks for Managing a Homeschooling/Work Schedule

A mom who plans to homeschool can take steps to ensure she successfully maintains her job and her homeschooling commitments. Making sure to plan the night before, setting aside distractions and creating a flexible learning schedule can all help with successfully managing a full-time job and homeschooling.

Additionally, keeping to a daily routine, breaking up subjects into smaller, manageable parts and creating a designated work/homework space can all help moms stay focused. Additionally, enlisting help from other family members, friends or even professional services can also aid in the homeschooling process for a full-time working mom.


For busy working moms, homeschooling their child may seem like a nearly-impossible decision. But with a bit of planning, organization and discipline, it can be done.

Because of the many benefits that homeschooling offers, such as tailoring a child’s learning experience, teaching according to one’s own values or beliefs and getting to spend more quality time with the child, homeschooling can be a great solution for busy full-time working moms. With the right combination of planning, scheduling, flexibility and smart time-management, a working mom can successfully homeschool her child and also maintain her full-time job.

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